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  1. Would LOVE to see the new WestJet 'Magic Plane' livery featuring Fantasia Mickey on the tail! http://westjet2.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=833
  2. Hello, I know someone earlier painted and posted a Las Vegas Sands -700 on here, but the livery doesn't match up on the tail correctly. Can we get a fix for this? Or can someone else create one? They are N108MS or N887LS. Thanks!
  3. Very good job, though I noticed this chart is showing the 'Wet Runway' heading, not the dry one as you mention.
  4. Great job Steve, looks great. Did you choose this reg on purpose though? The real one is N908NN. Was just wondering. Anyways, can't wait to fly it!
  5. Great start! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  6. I'd like to second this request for a fictional repaint of Qatar Airways for the NGX, unless one has been made that I haven't been able to find. Thanks!
  7. Awesome job Chris! Cant wait to download her. Thanks so much for painting it.
  8. Love it!! Looks amazing! Cant wait to fly her! Looking forward to downloading her tomorrow! Great job man! What are you gonna work on next?
  9. Hey Chris, Any news on this bird? Been waiting for one since the NGX paint kit was released.Thanks!
  10. Tried searching through this thread but hadn't seen anything on this. Anyone planning on making the USAF C-40B. I know PMDG stated they might release the military variants later on but I think a simple repaint of the -800WL would look great, since this plane is a hybrid of the -700 fuselage with the -800 wings and landing gear. Would love to see someone make one of these!
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