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  1. I'm facing a similar issue. I have a 2010 Mac Pro, and want to get the 2013 Mac Pro, but want to know if people think it will run FSX reasonably well or not. Rather not go through the hassle if I'm gonna get the same performance.
  2. Well that sucks. One of the reasons I got the pro verison of tapatalk was for avsim.
  3. Would LOVE to see the new WestJet 'Magic Plane' livery featuring Fantasia Mickey on the tail! http://westjet2.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=833
  4. Ryan, I have the high-end 15" rMBP on order, but my friend just got the base 13" rMBP and I am going to see if he will let me install FSX on it and report back to you on how it runs.
  5. Hello, I know someone earlier painted and posted a Las Vegas Sands -700 on here, but the livery doesn't match up on the tail correctly. Can we get a fix for this? Or can someone else create one? They are N108MS or N887LS. Thanks!
  6. Initial benchmarks look really good. http://www.macrumors.com/2013/10/25/intels-iris-graphics-boost-13-inch-retina-macbook-pro-gpu-performance-by-50-or-more/ That being said, Apple has a really generous return policy. Being a former Apple Retail employee, I'd tell you to buy it, try it out for the 2 weeks they give you, and if you don't like it just return it, with no restocking fee. I've run FSX on my rMBP (albeit, the 15" with the GT650M and it ran reasonably good with the NGX and FSX only (no other add ons). You can also try getting a refurb model from the Apple Online Store, or getting it with the education discount to save a few bucks.
  7. Very excited to see where this goes. While I see the allure of the VC, at least on my machine, I get a 10-15 fps drop using the VC over a 2D panel. Good work!
  8. Ryan, I havent gotten mine either, order: 231521 Thanks!
  9. Same here, ordered 3 hours ago, no email with download link or key. Submitted a ticket on the support page and no response there either. I just hope, like others mentioned, that someone from PMDG will fill us in on what is happening.
  10. Store product page was updated with image and description... http://www.precisionmanuals.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=99&idcategory=13#details Edit: Beat me to it Mark lol
  11. Part 1 of Froogle's Fully Loaded, KJFK-KDEN http://youtu.be/fMrW4O4WXYY
  12. Nick from Angle of Attack Initial Cockpit Thoughts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tAJ4qz_BYw&feature=youtu.be
  13. FYI: the article is up. Congrats to everyone! http://blogs.wsj.com/corporate-intelligence/2013/08/30/almost-as-cool-as-the-new-boeing-777-the-new-flight-simulator/
  14. Very good job, though I noticed this chart is showing the 'Wet Runway' heading, not the dry one as you mention.
  15. Oh that answers that hahah, any news then on if 777 support will be added by the time the PMDG launches? Their Facebook page hasn't been updated since May and I haven't been able to find anything else out.
  16. How did you get the Aurasim EFB to give you 777 performance figures? Mine only shows for the Dash-8, or are you beta testing that for them as well? Great job with the post btw!
  17. Should we expect pricing info closer to release Rob? Can't wait, well worth the wait! Thanks so much!
  18. Lucky, all my real world pilot friend gives me are OFP's to South America and occasional to AMS on the -11F hahah.
  19. Good job! Dare I ask where you got the OFP? Hahah
  20. Maybe that's based on a full payload on the Freighter of 112 tons?
  21. Thanks froogle for taking the time to stream us this wonderful plane and showing us around it and giving us your thoughts and impressions on it. Hope to see more from you soon!
  22. My pleasure sharing the info with you guys, thought most of you would enjoy it. All the screenshots and videos the beta team have been putting out have really made the wait much more bearable (along with some time in the full motion NG and 777 sim hahah ). I think the bounce might have been what caused the AT to engage TOGA, although from my understanding it won't go to IDLE automatically unless your doing a LAND3 app with the AP. Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong. Will have to check that out if I get into the sim before the PMDG comes out hahah.
  23. Frooglesim just posted on Facebook that he will be hosting a livestream of the 777 from DNAA to EGLL using the time compression feature. FYI in case anyone else wanted to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/frooglepete
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