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  1. I hope you don't have the same problem I did. Microsoft apps just completely died for me. I first noticed it with the picture viewer (check if that works for you or check if any other microsoft app will run). I got around that by using a 3rd party viewer but then MSFS wouldn't load and then the Store died. The rest of my programs all worked fine. It was only the MS apps that wouldn't run. The only solution for me was to completely reinstall windows 10. Not even an inline update would work so it had to a clean reinstall. Thank god I have my main MSFS folder on a separate drive.
  2. WINJEEL VERSION 1.10 Hello All. I have built a new installer for the full version and demo. The full version is on it's way to the retailers so will take a day or two to filter through, I will try to let you know when it's available. The demo is available now. Version 1.10 fixes the sounds and throttle issues. It also allows P3D v3 users to install the Winjeel anywhere they like. The installer will write the install path to the registry and the Winjeel will use this to find the sound files. There is a patch for users of the full version available from my website so you can start using V110 straight away. You can also download the V110 demo which is the full version only. http://www.antsairplanes.com/winjeel.html For users of the full version run the V100 installer and then run the V110 patch to the same location. For P3D v3 users if you want to install to a different location than the default My Documents run the V100 installer, select Prepar3D v3.x version, change the install path to your desired location (I recommend creating a new folder for this, perhaps something like "P3D aircraft", I also do not recommend putting the Winjeel into the Prepar3D program folder simply for neatness sake). The Winjeel will install to this location, then run the V110 patch and point it to the same folder, the installer will run a quick batch file to set the new pathway in P3D. Then run Prepar3D and go flying.
  3. Hello, can you please redownload the patch and run it again. I have just updated the patch to resolve the throttle issue. Hi Jimmy Please read the Pilot's Handbook PDF page 27. You may install the Winjeel to a different location but you will have to manually add that location to the P3D add-on.cfg. For example, this is add-on.cfg that P3D writes: [Package.0] PATH=C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Add-ons\Ants Winjeel ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false EDIT: I will look into adding automatic updating of the install location when I update the full installers. EDIT 2: I am working on a new installer which will allow the user to select any install location for the P3Dv3 version. At the moment I have the Winjeel in my G: drive and I've got the sounds working. Hopefully I will get this complete today (tomorrow I have an appointment so I won't be getting much done then).
  4. Greeting AVSIM. Sorry about the problems with the Winjeel sounds. I think I have tracked down the problem (I had poorly coded the pathways to the wav files which meant they weren't loading) and have created patches for the demo version and the full pay version. The patches (version 1.02) are available directly from my website here: http://www.antsairplanes.com/winjeel.html I will make full installers tomorrow after I have done some more testing to make sure everything works properly.
  5. Good to see they are following the two-person cockpit rule.
  6. James May has a pilots license and I think Hammond has a helicopter license? Is that enough to make it aviation related? I've kind of lost interest in top gear as it has descended into just a collection of heavily scripted "stunts" which were just becoming more and more absurd and less and less funny (Hammond taking a bite out of the visor during a dull trip across the Ukraine?). The ratings in Australia at least just kept on getting lower and lower with each new season. I'm sure the 3 of them will show up on some other broadcaster soon though but they will probably never be able to recapture the good times.
  7. Sorry to hear the news Tom. Live as well as you can with the time you have left.
  8. Apparently the video of this skydiver in western Australia was uploaded to youtube yesterday. He was a trainee and had an epileptic seizure shortly after ju!ping out of a perfectly good working airplane. His instructor grabbed him and pulled the chute. He did have an automatic system which would have deployed the chute but the instructor thought he'd best try to deploy the chute ASAP. This ABC news link has the video and full story. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-02/skydiver-saved-after-passing-out-during-dive/6273694
  9. Speaking of dash cams. How long do you think it will be until we have cockpit cams? Might be a useful tool in air crash investigations. Unless the pilots unions complain about them.
  10. Agreed. It's not an elegant implementation by dovetail if this is how there installer actually works.
  11. As per Ryan's reply to your earlier post in this thread about PMDG: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/457475-pmdg-products-and-steam/page-2 I am wondering if FSX:SE is using the MS locations by default if there is no existing FSX:MS installation. But if there is an existing installation you get an option to do a side by side install which creates new FSX:SE locations. Sounds like this could be a bit of a headache inducing setup. Can't really check anything myself as I have only 4GB on my internet left for this month so will have to wait a few days before I can even download FSX:SE.
  12. I believe Bill has installed it onto his dev machine and he has said elsewhere that he only has FSX Steam Edition on that machine. Perhaps FSX Steam Edition (Let's call it FSX:SE?) defaults to the MS locations if there is no existing MS FSX install (let's call that FSX:MS?). If the FSX:SE installer finds an existing install location it creates new entries for a side by side install? Am I in the PMDG forum? Is so here is my name as per the PMDG rules Anthony Lynch
  13. Let me know how you go Bill. Will save me having to download the whole thing. I just purchased it. At that price how can you not even if it is just to have a backup? For the stuff I do I imagine it would just be a simple matter of pointing to the installer program to the proper new location for FSX steam (where ever that is). But for stuff that auto updates scenery.cfg or makes other changes to the inner workings (like ORBX stuff) this would be a problem I imagine. Or for the Flight1 installers, that may be a problem too.
  14. Currently the dovetail version of fsx is selling on steam for only $5. Might pick it up at that price even if I don't install it. Just in case you know.
  15. You can try flightsimstore but as they will have to ship from Australia that may add to the cost. Another Australian computer store ebgames (pretty big company) is selling fax for 18 bucks. Don't know if they ship to outside Australia or if they do how much it costs. https://ebgames.com.au/pc-145318-Flight-Simulator-X-Gold-Edition-PC I've already got 2 copies of fsx. Original and gold. But maybe I should buy up a bunch of cheap copies from ebgames and start selling them on eBay?
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