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  1. uscgjoker

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    LARSRAS05, I wouldn't say you wasted your money. From what I have read in the past threads, this is a feature RXP is looking to add once they get the SDK.
  2. uscgjoker

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    Tony, X-Plane 11 does support undocking windows, certain items like the Default GPS can be undocked and moved to a separate monitor. In addition if you are looking at setting up your monitors to display a different view out of the cockpit you can do that in the display settings. The GPS is the only item I have undocked so I am not sure if there are other windows that can be or not. Hope this helped!
  3. uscgjoker

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    I believe Reality XP is still waiting for the SDK so they can make this feature possible. Joe
  4. uscgjoker

    Help Needed!

    Thank you for all of your help Tony, I will take a look at the log when I get home tomorrow! I am hoping it could just be the graphic card, as I have seen some tearing in the scenery with these pay ware aircraft. Joe
  5. Good Morning, Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but it is X-Plane related. I am having an issue in XP11 with add-on aircraft were I can preflight but shortly after taking off I get a blue screen with a Hardware failure. When I scanned the QR code, it didnt really key in on what hardware failed. Currently this is happening with the FF 757v2, Carenado C-206, and JRollon CRJ. I do not have any issues with the default aircraft, nor did I have any issues when I ran a flight on Prepared using the PMDG 777. I am not sure if this matters but XP11 is installed on my C drive and not in my Programs (86x) folder. Below are my computer specs, I am not very computer savvy so I will do my best to answer any follow on questions possible. GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UDA3 Mother Board AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core 3.6GHz processor XFX Radeon HD 6870 DirectX 11 2GB graphics card 8GB DD3 Ram 1600 Running Windows 10 I probably should have done reinstall before asking this question, but I figured I would toss the question out incase it could be something simple. Thank you all for your help! Joe
  6. uscgjoker

    VFR Departing Traffic Pattern Questsion

    If I remember correctly ATC just gives you a North, South, East, West approved, in that case just make a right downwind departure. This will allow you to reach your first waypoint and not interfere with anyone in the pattern or on the ILS. I would also recommend using VATSIM or Pilot Edge for ATC as it provides a better ATC service.
  7. uscgjoker

    Increased Noise at Reagan National

    I can not understand why people choose to live near an airport, then have the need to complain about the noise. I currently live in East Hampton, NY and the residents who live near HTO constantly complain about all of the jets and helicopters that land throughout the day. It has gotten so bad that the town put a curfew in place for aircraft they consider "Noisy". I do not think that the residents understand the importance of aviation and how much revenue it generates. Sorry if I went off topic, but anytime I hear complaints about aircraft noise, I get irritated!
  8. uscgjoker

    ATC: "Flight the RIIVR2 arrival"

    Personally when flying online or Real world, I have never had a controller tell me to "Fly XXXXXX arrival". I have been told by controllers to descend via the XXXXXX arrival. I am not too familiar with Pilot2ATC, however my personal take on it is to fly the STAR as published if that is what you are being told.
  9. Awesome video, I would give anything for a setup like yours!
  10. uscgjoker

    Anyone try My Traffic 6 yet?

    So would My Traffic 6 be a good program for model matching on VATSIM? I hate not having the proper models show up.
  11. Thank you everyone for your helpful and quick responses!
  12. After days of extensive Google searching I haven't been able to find any good answers. Should I get the steam version of X-plane? If so have there been any issues with 3rd party addons? I figure with only a few hours left on their 50% off sale, now would be a good time to ask. Thank you in advance for your help! Joe
  13. uscgjoker

    This Is The Most Amazing Scenery I've Seen..

    I am from Michigan as well and am looking forward to a quality Michigan airport, I am pretty excited about this! Joe
  14. I use one Saitek throttle and was looking to get a second one. They are very good and I haven't had any issues with them at all. Another option could be Goflightinc's throttle quadrant, their modules are pretty nice, but are more costly.
  15. If my sources are correct, it should be 2300 your time. GMT never changes and according to Google Ireland is +0 hours which would make you the same time as GMT, or zulu time. We are -5 hours in Michigan and local time is 1121, and it is 1622z currently. Hope this helps and enjoy the event tonight!