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  1. Awesome. Thanks so much. Working now 🙂
  2. Hello 🙂 Anyone know why my moving maps aren't working? Will open a support ticket if I can't see if I'm doing something stupid haha. I have run the EFB Data Load, I have my addon scenery enabled but no moving maps for EGLL, EGKK, KJFK?
  3. Hello! I recently just got P3D v3.x and was loving it and even got my Ezdok and Aerosoft installed and had done my first successful flight for BAV on it until...... My SSD decided to bomb out which was running my Windows 10 installation. I replaced it with a new Samsung 850. My P3D was installed on my "D" drive which is fine, the installation files are all still there. What do I do now? I just want to "reinstall" P3D onto my new Windows installation. Any ideas please? Kind regards, Marc
  4. Dude...Another AC player Cannot wait for the P1 or LaFerrari On topic, I am in GMT+2 in South Africa, so for me, the 300ER will only be available tomorrow (Sunday)?
  5. So excited Just another noob question. Can someone explain to me their release is planned for Friday night at UTC +0 or Friday morning UTC+0?
  6. Second the question a couple posts above and sorry but I forgot. Can we have ASN networked or on the same pc as FSX? Thanks!
  7. Ooorrr.. Maybe they want the suspense to turn into a bit of irritation to better fuel the happiness when they release it Marc
  8. Too a fellow South African (Durban), I was thinking the exact same thing haha
  10. Ryan, Thanks for that. Some of the members at British Airways Virtual (www.bavirtual.co.uk) asked if it would be possible for us to add in a check there too start out ACARS system, the line would be: Start Phoenix..................Checked Phoenix being BAv own ACARS recorder. Kind regards,
  11. I guess I will take up that responsibility
  12. MM7

    The big surprise

    Can we actually get a tip? Like, what does it make the aircraft do seeing as it is on the outside?
  13. MM7

    The big surprise

    Not on the outside.. If it is in the computer, and as you stated, something the real T7 does. mmm, could you please give a hint? In the computer, refering to your physical pc that is, could it be a program that runs to assist in the FPS? If in the T7 many computers, Could it be the automatic ALTN airports it selects? Maybe a hint, from any beta tester or staff member, could help. Not trying to troll but I love puzzles. It was said, by Rob I believe, that the beta testers have done a good job of not showing it. So, maybe WX radar? That is computer related? I saw a beta tester video say that the WX radar will be off but he didn't say it wasn't replicated A hint would be much appreciated.
  14. MM7

    The big surprise

    Would be nice if PMDG can confirm they will announce the surprise at release OR at least when they release the price
  15. I think angry was the wrong word..Let's go with, disappointed?
  16. I was angry at first but then I realized 2 things. 1) After 18 months in development, 4 days isn't that long. 2) The weekend is nearly over
  17. I have read this post 4 times! It makes me want the plane so much! Rob: you know what to do
  18. I also thought that closure of those topics was weird cause I couldn't find lots of word posts on the last page..
  19. Gentlemen, I wonder if we can expect any news anytime soon
  20. Cannot download due to download failure, 9th attempt and over it..
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