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  1. Hei, I've tweaked and tested my fsx.cfg and I'm rather happy with it at the moment, so I don't want to mess it up. I read once that one istn't supposed to change the settings in FSX itself, otherwise the tweaks done to the fsx.cfg get lost. Is this realy the case? Supposed I want to change the autogen density, can I do that by changing the FSX gui sliders without loosing any of the other settings/tweaks? Or should i do the via a text editor in the fsx.cfg itself? cheers, Rafael
  2. Check out ACG if you want to have an unique experience with CloD. www.aircombatgroup.co.uk We are currently having 10 squadrons and appr. 120 acitve pilots. Each sunday we fly our historical campaign with huge dogfights. A lot is going on there. We're always searching for new pilots, regardeless of flying skill. Maybe it's something for you. Some videos of ACG activity: and if that's not to bold... my own channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTvnvS3U7iebEEXwol6wvt_LeAyDe8rVD
  3. Hei Bryan, Fantastic product once again. I was putting it aside for some while and just recently picked it up once again. I still need some more time to get all the procedures in my head. I have two questions though. Apologies if they have been answered before. I couldn't find anything usefull in the net. I. Condition leveres: I understand that hardware assignments with those levers will lead to problems. I had buttons assigned to move each levers via FSUIPC. That was before FS2Crew. I have now deleted these assignments and to my knowledge there shouldn't be any assignment existing anymore to move these levers apart from the mouse. The problem is that the levers won't be moved by the F/O but the RPM is changed correctly, as I can see from the engine displays. So I have to move the levers so they match with the current RPM settings. Any tips regarding this? II. Landing Flaps settings: I am putting the planned landing flaps into the briefing window, but the F/O is not touching them. Is the captain supposed to sett the correct landing flaps or would the F/O do it? I do not mean the flaps themselves but the gpws landing flaps selector. Cheers, Rafael
  4. Hei Bryan, Thanks for the update. One question though: I use your FSPassengers fix. Do I need to employ that once again after the install of the update, or would it be possible that I backup my current panel file and replace the new one after the installation of the update. It's not a big matter but I'm just a bit lazy . Cheers, Rafael
  5. I know that technique and used it as well. I think you can dictate phrases. Thanks for your answer.
  6. Making my first steps with Emergency NGX, I found out that all the phrases that start with "APU" cause problems for me. Everytime I say "APU" speech recognition understands something like "eight v2....". I found that I have to pronounce it more like "A P You". The green bar shows "APU" as "A P U", so how would be the proper way to train the word. Should I spell it like one word (APU) or as three single letters (A P U)? Another question that came to my mind. I was trying the pronunciation of problematic phrases by just looking at what the green bar gives me. But does FS2Crew listen for all possible phrases all the time? Or does it rather look for the distinct phrases that apply for the current situation? What I mean is: Let's say I want to train "Cabin Crew doors may be opened" (Another problematic sentence for me). Do I need to cycle to the shutdown mode or can I speak that sentence in any mode and see what the green bar gives me? And one last question: Is it possible to reset FS2Crew? Let's say after a failure has happened or after I progressed to some point during the flight, can I set FS2Crew to the state that it had directly after loading it for the first time?
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