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  1. LOL thats the best offer I have had all night so ill take it Tell me where to print my name lol *starts humming to top gun*
  2. Great stuff Glad I could help... Maybe Byork will give me a job lol (jokes)
  3. Check your FS2Crew settings. On the FS2Cew dialogue click on the CFG button. Then check that your headphones are set on the "Audio Setup" Change it from Speakers to Headphones. Then press the HS button on the main FS2Crew panel If you still have issues please reply and we can work out some other way. (please note the images may be different from yours as I used google and just edited them for this post)
  4. Yes this is possible i run the same Make sure your FSX is set to play the sound through your speakers and audio/voice to your USB headset Change the setting on the FS2Crew panel so that your USB headset is selected This will play the AC engine noise through your speakers and FSX ATC and FS2Crew through your USB headphones If yo have trouble setting this up let me know and i will help step by step
  5. You dont have to speak anything You only need to say "are you ready for the departure / approach brief" Then wait a few seconds and speak "any questions" You need to make sure that you have set the correct values in the panel first
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