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  1. johnor999

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for! 😊
  2. johnor999

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    But you shouldn't accelerate below the acceleration altitude, so what do you do before that? What speed do you pitch for below acceleration altitude? 85% N1 with a pitch around 15 deg on an aircraft with a heavy load might lead to very low airspeeds if you plan on keeping that pitch all the way up to acceleration altitude.
  3. johnor999

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    Yes but that's not the same as keeping them completely OFF all the way to G/A. If you simply recycle the FD switches, then no problem - just follow FD instructions. But if FD is OFF (which I've seen on a cockpit video), then what? I wasn't able to find anything in the previous posts to answer this.
  4. johnor999

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    I have a follow up question on manual flying. Let's say you do a visual approach, flight director switches are OFF because you're hand flying. What if you have to do a G/A in this configuration? You won't get any guidance on pitch from the flight directors so what speed should you maintain up to acceleration altitude? I can't find anything in the FCTM nor FCOM about this particular situation. So, in my mind it will be set thrust, flaps 15, pitch for 15 deg nose up attitude, but after that? VREF + 15 to 25 like for TNGs?
  5. johnor999

    FCOM in NG3

    Correct, the spar valves. But this is just one example. My point is simply that the included FCOM is old and things are missing. By the time NG3 is available it will be close to 10 years old.
  6. johnor999

    Missed approach route disappears

    Hello, Yesterday I did a couple of VOR/DME approaches followed by missed approaches. Things worked great using VNAV and VOR/LOC on the MCP. Shortly after initiating the G/A, I hit LNAV as I was above 400 ft AGL, the missed approach route turned magenta as expected however shortly after, it disappeared completely. I also did some ILS approaches however I did not see that behavior there. Is this behavior normal and if so, what causes it? Johan Nordqvist
  7. johnor999

    FCOM in NG3

    Hello, The FCOM provided with NGX is getting increasingly out of date. Stall and overspeed warnings are checked nowadays (I've seen newer FCOMs and all of them feature this) This used to be done before they completely remade the procedures 2005 but was removed and later was added again. The WLAN switch is not documented in the FCOM. Yes, it might be a dummy switch but still, for the sake of simulation it would be nice if this would be covered somewhere. A new supplementary procedure has been added for checking the fuel shutoff valves. There's more I think but I can't remember it right now. Will NG3 feature a new FCOM? I realise this is completely up to Boeing but if possible, I think a new FCOM is warranted. Best regards Johan Nordqvist
  8. johnor999

    WLAN switch

    Hello, Do you normally check that the WLAN switch is guarded on the aft overhead during preliminary preflight? My intuition tells me it is, but what do the real life 737 pilots say? Best regards Johan Nordqvist
  9. johnor999

    Brake Categories

    I did post that link above.
  10. johnor999

    Brake Categories

  11. johnor999

    Brake Categories

  12. johnor999

    Brake Categories

    From Ryan in that thread: He's referring to the steel/carbon option. This is not the brake category. See for more information.
  13. johnor999

    Brake Categories

    Hello! What brake categories are the NGX using for each aircraft model? I found this topic, but it didn't doesn't really answer the question at hand.
  14. johnor999

    User waypoints menu

    Any thoughts?
  15. Hello, I'm wondering if the user waypoint menu is fully modelled in the GNS430? The reason I'm asking is that I cannot create any user waypoints using the GNS430. I'm able to do it using the GNS430 simulator provided by Garmin but not in the Mindstar GNS430. I've been unable to do so on Windows 7, 8 & 10.