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  1. I did post that link above.
  2. Bump.
  3. Bump.
  4. From Ryan in that thread: He's referring to the steel/carbon option. This is not the brake category. See for more information.
  5. Hello! What brake categories are the NGX using for each aircraft model? I found this topic, but it didn't doesn't really answer the question at hand.
  6. Any thoughts?
  7. Hello, I'm wondering if the user waypoint menu is fully modelled in the GNS430? The reason I'm asking is that I cannot create any user waypoints using the GNS430. I'm able to do it using the GNS430 simulator provided by Garmin but not in the Mindstar GNS430. I've been unable to do so on Windows 7, 8 & 10.
  8. Thank you for your support! :smile:
  9. Applied the latest updates from Windows Update but the problem persists. Any ideas what to do next? For clarification, I'm using the default C172 with the provided GNS setup to reduce any interfering addons, but like I stated above the problem persists.
  10. Interesting, if I browse the nearest NDB:s NV shows up. If I highlight it and press the Direct button, I'm able to get the list of duplicates. But via the FPL menu it never loads. Update: I tried switching to the Microsoft database instead of RealNav but it still won't load. I've also tried uninstalling the GNS430/GNS530 and then reinstalling it again but the problem persists. I've tried the default C172 with the panel setup provided by Mindstar, however the problem persists there as well. I really have no clue as to what else I can do...
  11. Okay thank you. Then at least I know there's a ghost to chase.
  12. Hello, I'm having problems loading a Swedish NDB called "NV". If I try to load it, I get the "Duplicate Waypoints" window, however it just keeps loading. No list of choices appears. If I try to load another Swedish NDB called VNA, I get the list without any problems. I'm using the latest version available as of today. (I downloaded and installed the one available at just an hour ago or so) I ran the installer as administrator and made sure all access rights were correct. After that I reinstalled the latest RealNav AIRAC, however despite my efforts it still get's stuck. I'm convinced it's something with my system that's causing it but just in case, could anyone try to load an aircraft at the airport Umea (ESNU) and then try to load the NDB called "NV" (which is located close to the airport ESNV) ? I just want to know for sure that it is my system and not a bug so I'm not chasing ghosts.
  13. The NGX is the ONLY addon that I've ever had where I can't complain about the sounds and trust me I am INSANELY difficult to satisfy when it comes to sounds. The only thing that would be better than the sounds provided by PMDG, is the real aircraft.
  14. I recommend that you look through the Normal Procedures chapter in FCOM volume 1. A detailed description of all the flows can be found there.
  15. I can see what the cause of your confusion is. The CDU Preflight Procedure is a procedure that can be done anytime after the Preliminary Preflight Procedure has beeb performed. This means that it can also be performed after the Preflight procedure has been completed. The reason the initial data and navigation data steps are included in the Preflight procedure is simply that these steps must be performed prior to checking the flight instruments. By including the initial data and navigation steps, you can still move on with the preflight even if the CDU Preflight Procedure hasn't been performed yet. In your case, the initial data and navigation steps have already been performed so you can simply ignore that item in the Preflight Procedure.