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  1. Hi Maarten, I just sent you the files you requestd... But while I had p3d and SLX open I tried some other things and noticed some strange behaviour... Fiddling with the 'startup camera' drop down and pressing the 'fly now' button to send the changes to P3d, 'RadarCamera' seems to consistantly give me the same view as the screenshot I posted above (which was set to the default 'Virtual Cockpit'). 'Cockpit' seems to give me a green/yellow texture corruption. 'Weapons' gives me a green/black corruption. and 'Virtual Cockpit' seems to give me either 'whatever it was last set to' or the correct normal behaviour, randomly. 'Static' gives the same green/black as 'Weapons'. Other views all seem to be normal. At least now I have a temporary work around (send my flight to P3d, if it comes up corrupted hit the startup camera choice and manually select 'Virtual Cockpit', even if it's already on that, and spam 'fly now' until I get a non-corrupted view). Nikki
  2. Yep, seems to be the same problem Brandon is having, just my colours always appear to be a variant of red and blue - looking closer they're not anaglyph since everything is red OR blue, never both... (P3D v2.5 if it matters) edit: Also, whatever is set in the saved scenerio file that is opened that is doing this, is carried over with the green button method too, as launching p3d normally brings up the standard p3d without freaky textures mode, then hitting the green 'play' button loads the scenario and brings in the freaky textures & colours with it. Nikki
  3. Starting p3d manually results in the normal 'non-red/blue/purple' view, so it's not a nVidia setting or something in the p3d config, I have no idea how to turn it off other than not using SLX :( Thanks in advance Nikki
  4. NikkiA

    'SQLite' update broke 'airports' tab

    Seems to be a file permissions problem somehow, installing it in a non-default location fixed it, Process Monitor showed it failing to create System.Data.sqlite.dll.config in the C:\program files (x86)... location (followed by the sqllite thread dying), so I figured installing somewhere else might resolve it. Nikki
  5. Ever since the version that switched the database back end to SQLite clicking on the 'airports' tab has caused SLX to hang, at first I thought it might be a AV issue, but even with AV disabled it freezes. Any ideas? (prepare3d 2.5, with default scenery config) Nikki.
  6. NikkiA

    Why all this doom and gloom with 2.+?

    Real programmers used TECO, of which edlin was a very poor clone :ph34r:
  7. Why are people still going on about DTG re-releasing Flight? pcgamer or whoever it was that released that retracted it and said that DTG plans on releasing FSX on Steam, and that the flight engine would be used for a NON-FLIGHTSIM project (most likely their fishing simulation they've announced), but that Flight will not be re-released.
  8. NikkiA

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2

    I take it you never tried to use their support? Or bought any of the large number of their DLC products which no longer work, and they've shown no signs of fixing. Or bought any of their DLC which has been superceded with a version which has been fixed, leaving you to either buy it again, or not use it. Or bought any of their DLC which is sold at a price point of $15-20 per repaint Dovetail are a horrible company that are in it purely for the money, with no regard for supporting problems, fixing bugs or even keeping existing customers happy.
  9. NikkiA

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2

    Utter nonsense. LM is publicly traded, to do what you describe would be a SEC violation.
  10. Nonsense, I have mine set to pan just fine... Left and Right mapped to general/rot_left_fast and general/rot_right_fast Up and Down mapped to general/rot_up and general/rot_down works fine
  11. NikkiA

    Version 2.1 OOM and possible memory leak.

    People assumed that Auran would cave when they did the same with Trainz assets, 'just fix up the [what are now] errors, and it'll all be golden', it was ~3 years of long pain while they refused to back down on the strictness of the new parsing, and they still refused in the end, they just conceded defeat by allowing the community to modify content that had been written by others on the download station. LM doesn't have the benefit of a partial copyright transfer as with the trainz download station, and thus if LM digs its heels in, all we can hope for is that others come along and replace the aircraft that have been rendered 'obsolete' by the new XML parser. I hope that you're right, that LM realise they can't dig their heels on this, but if not, it's going to be painful, and it may even be enough to kill P3D as the 'progress from FSX' path.
  12. NikkiA

    Version 2.1 OOM and possible memory leak.

    After being frustrated with 2.1 I was suprised when I went back to FSX and noticed that the autogen'ed trees stretched out far further than I remembered, the only thing I can think of is that with 2.0 I'd set my slider to 'dense' and between having to dial that back to 'normal' and the change to the autogen radius in 2.1 that it's brought it back so far that FSX looks like 'forever away' in comparison. Of course the real problem with FSX's autogen has always been the buildings, time will tell if I can get used to a reduced radius of that again.
  13. Good luck, but I wouldn't get too hopeful, the other thread has people reporting 'works fine' for aircraft where clearly some gauges don't work. I think most people just see if it loads and say 'close enough', and so we end up with a compatibility list that is near useless.
  14. NikkiA

    Milviz compatibility with V2.1 vs V2.0

    That's me done as a milviz customer then. I think you've let your good will on the forums go to your head, sorry.
  15. NikkiA

    Version 2.1 OOM and possible memory leak.

    He also ignores that some of us are able to get OOMs with default aircraft and default scenery, and just puts us down as liars or delusional.