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  1. JoeDoeIII

    Nose-High FDE Fixes

    Hello any chance you could email me a copy as well? I will PM you.
  2. JoeDoeIII

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    I am using DX10, I do have some settings for AA enabled in NI (I won't bore you with them here), and yes in SweetFX, I also enable SMAA and sometimes FXAA.
  3. JoeDoeIII

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    Ah I see, in fact I have not seen any fps hit at all using SweetFx alone, did you mean that you see a big hit using Shade in combo with SweetFX?
  4. JoeDoeIII

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    Wow it looks stunningly good, I already have SweetFX nicely tweaked to my satisfaction, 1 preset for day flight, another for night. I will throw Shade into the mix for sure, I can see from the screenies it really does add depth to the shadowing effects, thanks guys for the input
  5. JoeDoeIII

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    I am curious if anyone has used Mogwaisoft Shade and SweetFX together, if so are there any conflicts/duplications between the effects of each program? I am curious what Shade can add that SweetFX does not already add. I would like to experiment using both but if anyone has already done it successfully, it would be nice to know anything more about combining these two graphics enhancements.
  6. JoeDoeIII

    RealAir C172

    This thread is almost a year old, hopefully the RA or A2A C172 will be released before its a 2 yr old thread ... looking forward to sampling both of them myself, I am confident they will both be superb models.