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  1. Brian, first of all i will like to thank you for the fantastic products you guys make. and you guessed it,i have a question. you mentioned that UGCX was able to push and pull the aircraft from one position to another by "reading" the airport. i just finished a flight from AMS to DMM so i had some time to spend and im just wondering. actualy the "you have control" gave me the idea. will we be able to let the FO taxi from the runway to the gate/stand and/or vice versa? in either UGCX or FS2Crew. i think it would be awesome to be able to say "you have control,taxi to gate Foxtrot 9" just my 2 cents by the way,i have to say that after reaching CRZ it gets kind of boring on the flightdeck. greets from the Netherlands Marco
  2. CrawlerGuy

    Anyone here use Crgsim?

    :( too bad,but im keeping an eye on this great piece of programming,it could have a bright future
  3. CrawlerGuy

    Anyone here use Crgsim?

    Sounds allmost to be good to be true,allways wanted to add 3 (or 4) small monitors to display the pfd and such. just wondering,does is work with the PMDG 777 and if yes,does it also display the wxr and terr ? and what are the system requirements besides DX10 (if you run it seperatly)? (too many questions in one post,lol)
  4. CrawlerGuy

    LINDA support for Saitek panels!

    Great news, as my girl bought me a switch panel and the BIP panel as an early birthday present. im hoping the BIP is supported soon as wel. keep up the good work,its much apreciated Marco Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  5. CrawlerGuy

    PMDG 777 (module version 1.3a - 5 Dec 17)

    Looking forward to another great achievement
  6. CrawlerGuy

    Beta Video

  7. CrawlerGuy

    LINDA button problem

    On my pc the ctrl-shift keypress changes the keyboard layout. If im not mistaken,this is the default combo if you have multiple keyboard layouts installed. I hope this is some usefull info. Regards Marco
  8. CrawlerGuy

    LINDA is the best - a "MUST HAVE" for FSX!

    3 words "i fully agree"great job guy's