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  1. Hi Alex, The problem was I was using the wrong mode in the Scenery Library Settings. Thanks for your help👍 Gerry
  2. I recently updated LNM to 2.8.10. Since then, I have encountered a problem with flight plans generated in XP-12. I can load a flight plan into X-Plane and it appears as normal. However, when I attempt to insert an approach, I cannot do so because it won't list the destination airport (KPGA). It only gives me the option for the departure airport. The same problem occurs when using the L1000. Also, attempting to load the flight plan in ASXP 12 results in an error message that the flight plan cannot be parsed. I dropped back to the previous version 2.8.9 with its Little XpConnect and now flight plans procedures function properly. The 2.8.9 flight plans will also load into ASXP 12. I examined the flight plans from both LNM versions in Notepad++ and noticed one difference in their structure. The 2.8.9 plans contain the entries ADEP and ADES whereas the 2.8.10 plans list DEP and DES. If I change the 2.8.10 plans from DEP to ADEP and DES to ADES, they work in X-Plane and ASXP 12. So, is this a problem unique to me and my setup? Regards, Gerry
  3. Judging by your avatar, you must be watching lots of Austin's videos.
  4. At least MS2020 keeps you busy.....on this forum🍺
  5. Could you tell us what this "conversation" software is?
  6. And what evidence can you provide that there will be improvements in the weather engine and ATC? And when can we expect these improvements? XP12?
  7. I think that this update by Microsoft is going to have a chilling effect on X-Plane 11's third-party developers. I don't know what X-Plane 12 will be or when it will be released, but barring any breakthroughs by Laminar, I won't be spending any more on X-Plane 11 addons until I see what Microsoft's new sim has to offer.
  8. Problem solved! In case anyone else experiences this issue, there was a conflict between the King Air 350 and a script named Icing.lua. Removing the script removed the image.
  9. No. Doesn't appear with any other aircraft.
  10. Sorry, Ryan, I don't know how to attach screenshot. I converted screenshot png file to jpg file but I don see how to attach it. I'll have to research it. Thanks.
  11. I purchased the King Air 350 yesterday, then installed it and registered it. Now, every time I load up the King Air, there is this airplane? symbol on the screen. I don't know what it means and I don't know how to get rid of it. It only shows up when I load the Airfoillabs' King Air. I couldn't find anything in the manual that addresses it. Any info on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Gerry
  12. You edit the button by assigning (typing) "Do nothing" and this will clear the button.
  13. Hi! I tried this last evening and it looks fabulous! However, I have read the manual, but I don't quite understand the relationship between .xvs files and lua.xvs files. If you use xVision without FlyWithLua, xVision uses only the selected .xvs files? Does a lua.xvs file require a corresponding .xvs file? For example, there is a Classics.xvs file and a Classics_for_lua.xvs file included with xVision. What is the advantage of using the lua.xvs files? Finally, if I create a new .xvs file, how do I create a corresponding lua.xvs file to use in FlyWithLua? Please excuse me if this is explained in the manual. At my age, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Regards, Gerry
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