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  1. You edit the button by assigning (typing) "Do nothing" and this will clear the button.
  2. GCNorth

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    @JGregory "Unwilling" to change priorities?
  3. Hi! I tried this last evening and it looks fabulous! However, I have read the manual, but I don't quite understand the relationship between .xvs files and lua.xvs files. If you use xVision without FlyWithLua, xVision uses only the selected .xvs files? Does a lua.xvs file require a corresponding .xvs file? For example, there is a Classics.xvs file and a Classics_for_lua.xvs file included with xVision. What is the advantage of using the lua.xvs files? Finally, if I create a new .xvs file, how do I create a corresponding lua.xvs file to use in FlyWithLua? Please excuse me if this is explained in the manual. At my age, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Regards, Gerry
  4. Thanks, I'll have to try that. But I suppose you're dragging the plane with you?
  5. The Idaho Falls Airport is fantastic! Is there a way in X-Plane 11 to move from the plane to other areas of an airport to see the details created? Is there a BOB equivalent for X-Plane 11?
  6. JYW, glad to hear that it working for you. Looks like a solution using a batch file. I'm curious, though, if a lua script can be written to change the key assignments in the X-Plane Keys file when a particular aircraft is loaded. I use a lua called initial assignments to automatically load joystick buttons for an aircraft when it's loaded, but I'm not aware of a script for keyboard assignments. Is it because key assignments are more difficult to change?
  7. This looks interesting. Questions: 1. Does this have any impact on FPS? 2. This can be run on a single computer as a pop-up? 3. How clear are the maps and charts on the device? 4. Does this interfere in any way with the default X-Plane 11 GNS 530? Regards, Gerry
  8. GCNorth

    Better Pushback

    Now up to version 0.21 https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC/releases
  9. GCNorth

    L35 SPD Hold

    Yaw damper on? Gerry
  10. GCNorth

    Learjet 35A 2.8 altitude display off

    Dirk, I had this problem for awhile and then reinstalled the L35. Now the altitude display works! Gerry
  11. Are there any vehicles for x-plane 11 so one could explore this beautiful scenery? Gerry
  12. GCNorth

    L35A Pitchs Up at 29000ft

    If your theory is correct, why do you suppose that the feedback mechanism is failing for some and not others as we are all using the same code? Gerry
  13. GCNorth

    L35A Pitchs Up at 29000ft

    Hi Al, I'm using Windows 7. I did do the "fix" for 2.6, but I believe this sudden pitch up happened once before the fix. I usually use spd hold during climb. I haven't tried v/s through 29,000 but will do so next flight. Regards, Gerry
  14. GCNorth

    L35A Pitchs Up at 29000ft

    I just finished a flight and the same thing happened to me using FSX. Gerry