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  1. Thanks to all for the help!
  2. I recently updated my FMS and I dont understand some information. For example if my destination is KCLT (Charlotte Airport) and my designed runway is 36L, I put the runway in the FMS and then the FMS shows me the APPROACH list. I want to choose the ILS 36L but I don't know which one is... can someone please explain me which of them is the ILS 36L. I attached the FMS Approach list... Also... If I select a random approach... the FMS shows me the Approach transition page.... how do I know which one to choose? Thanks for the help :Peace:
  3. Can anyone paint this aircraft for the CLS A340-600? Thanks
  4. Which one is better in terms of EXTERIOR MODEL?
  5. Lets put it this way: Who has the BEST EXTERIOR MODEL between Level D, CLS, Captain Sim and SkySpirit2010.
  6. I'm just looking for the BEST 767 addon (freeware or payware) based on the EXTERIOR MODEL (I'm not interested in the VC) Help me pleasee!
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