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  1. I actually had to decrease my mixture to get the Maule to restart the engine in landing challenge 6 after a reload. That one surprised me!
  2. If you keep having trouble, email the Microsoft support line and they'll probably scare you up a new code.
  3. I think they use the Steam Forums because they have moderation control in their own hands with that. The support they've been providing through that has been really quite impressive, IMO. I don't usually see game developers interact on that level with the players, but admittedly I come from a console background where intricate troubleshooting with the players isn't necessary as often.
  4. Love that one! I buzzed that little hilltop a few days ago just to see where the transmitter was when I was headed to Barking Sands for another Cache of the Day. It's pretty nifty that these are all represented with in-game geometry. I've never had reason to check in other flying games.
  5. There can also be more than one "Lead Designer" working on a single project. All that means is that you're in charge of some aspect, not necessarily the whole thing. Big game companies can have many, many "Lead Designers" all working on the same game. :Just Kidding: Edit: Wow, yeah, from the job description they really make it sound like this is the head-honcho slot, so disregard my above, LOL
  6. Are you just trying to activate Flight, or are you trying to redownload your DLC? Instructions on how to autogen a new code just for Flight are here. If you're trying to reinstall your DLC, just open the "Games for Windows LIVE - Marketplace" program, sign in, and click "Downloads." Everything you've paid for will be there ready to reinstall. ;-)
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