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  1. In TBM during approach both PFD screens are frozen. Only middle one works. Never happened before. 😞
  2. It's up. Downloading via FTX Central. Yay.
  3. LOWI scenery is stunning. Bad thing is I can see buildings through clouds.
  4. Well, I tried twice with same result. I think bloxboy could be right. Theres is some sort of security flag triggered because we're buying airport scenery.
  5. Happened to me too. They returned the money back after 24h. Here is my thread on FSDT forum http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,15828.0.html I also got email from paypal. And a response to my ticket from paypal support
  6. Now we can expect threads saying downloading at 12Kb/s. ETA 34 days. :-)
  7. Downloading. 20 minutes left. I love to try all available major options.
  8. Very helpful. Thank you very much for this vid.
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