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  1. MAXM958

    Aerosoft CRJ

    Hi Keven, First of all congratulations for pretty well done development working of ChasePlane ! Yes.....the problem was fixed as you have recommended above. Warmly, Marco Aurélio
  2. MAXM958

    777 PMDG Mouse problem

    You're right !!!!!!!! Congratulations for sharing with us.
  3. MAXM958

    To get Rnav working?

    Hi ALF1, Answering the last question : You can use FD to hand fly the awesome PMDG 737 serie in two modes : 1 - Purely Hand fly 2 - Hand fly using CWA CWB (Control Wheel Steering) The difference is : CWA more comfortably.....because it adjust Pitch without need to use elevator trim.......pull or push your yoke and the airliner remain in that position......and the aileron now rolls the airline fast ou slower and once you release it .....the airliner maintains the bank angle.... LNAV and VNAV are more appropriated when you want to follow what you have been programmed in FMC....i.e your DEP..ROUTE and ARR...and the HDG is the best way to follow a vectoring . Nice Flights !!!!!!! Marco Aurélio
  4. MAXM958

    Love for the MD-11

    Hi Folks, I think that MD11 still is one of the best airliner moldeled ....with nice FDE (Flight Dynamics Engine ). As said above " the time goes on "...I agree with this...but some things remains of them is The Awesome MD 11..... The main market in Flight Simulator World is populated mainly with older simmers like me ( since 1990 ) .....and lot of former and active real pilots like me too. So Guys, MD11 deserves a special attention.....It Looks nice....Flys wonderfully.....and even PMDG MD11 has a lot of to offer. Marco Aurelio
  5. MAXM958

    Lighting problem

    Great ....!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Warmly, Marco Aurélio
  6. MAXM958

    LINDA support for Saitek panels!

    Hi ScotFlieger, Thanks for your replying ! You're right, the PMDG's Auto-Pilot has your own code to deal with automated flight. God Bless you !!!! Warmly, From BraSil.............. Marco Aurélio
  7. MAXM958

    LINDA support for Saitek panels!

    Hi folks...Happy new year !!!! Maybe my question is very simple. Does LINDA 2.6.7, Saitek Panel Library, work in PMDG MD11 through SAITEK Multi Panel rotary knob to each mode...ALT / VS /....../ CRS, Increasing and decreasing the values in the glareshield panel of the airliner mentioned ? I've been trying without success ! Thanks, Marco Aurélio
  8. MAXM958

    Aerosoft Madeira

    Congratulations to a simple and effective solution ! Thanks for sharing with us ! Marco Aurélio Nice question !
  9. MAXM958

    A couple of tips for FSX:SE users

    Thanks for sharing with us ! Congratulations to your pretty job. Warmly, Marco Aurelio
  10. MAXM958

    777 OOM - depleted VAS (my brand)

    Hi Richard, Congratulations to your useful and well written post ! After PMDG SP1d has been installed along FTX vector and FS Global 2010 I've passed to have OOM issues ( VAS beyond 3.45..... ). I'm going to test what you have been POST here. Thanks for sharing with us. Warmly,, Marco Aurélio
  11. MAXM958

    PMDG 777 Product update question

    Ok.... Looking at log change in PMDG Operations Center PMDG 777 FSX changelog.... we see : Various changes to improve stability, speed and compatibility with FSX-SE. It seems that this statement refers only FSX-SE....but I have felt a huge improvement on PMDG 777 FDE. Warmly, Marco Aurélio
  12. MAXM958

    PMDG 777 Product update question

    Hi Guys, The SP1d brought more stability and improvements over prior Flight Dynamics Engine, FDE. The Fly By Wire system now works better then before.....the pitch control and pitch trim is more real. Have a nice flights !
  13. MAXM958

    Vox not working properly

    Hi, seems that you didn't load the same NAVDATA for all your add-ons. Try to use the same navdata for all.....Check VOXATC NAVDATA folder is correctly assingned. It's very..very important to check that. Marco Aurelio
  14. MAXM958

    Crash to desktop

    The same here..... Some thing is happening here. I believe that PMDG already know about this. Soon We"ll have a solutions for that... Patience..... In my case the bird Keeps on flying but doesn't obbey the commands. Warmly, Marco Aurélio