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  1. I was also going to post a link to the article @NZ255 posted, but he beat me to it. I'm eager to learn more about how they're specifically employing the tech in MSFS. Maybe the IFR episode will cover it? Hopefully it will result in convincing ATC with the flexibility of editing simple text--as opposed to rerecording thousands of audio files--to accommodate regional differences in ATC procedure/phraseology. I also agree about the updates. I assume there's a language barrier, because it always seems like they're talking about updating the update...then we don't see that content. Big allowance for the weird times we're living in, but I've also given up trying to make heads or tails of some of the updates. The language of the Alpha testing expansion is a prime example... Maybe it's because they're leaving PR to the actual developers instead of professional PR folks? Something that anyone who ever felt bamboozled by the well-intentioned artist's rendering of the FSX DX10 update should find comfort in. Regardless, the interviews, screenshots, and videos are enough for me. They're substantive updates, straight from the devs, with consistent timing and sufficient frequency. I think they can afford to drop some of the ancillary update stuff. Keep the salad and give me the meat and potatoes.
  2. But his LinkedIn account bio specifically says he's easy to work with and doesn't jump to conclusions. Soooo...
  3. Well, if the "black arts" professor who makes 3d aircraft models that are the equivalent of a kindergarten macaroni art project says I should be worried, then I'm definitely convinced! I'm sure if they ever need some Minecraft or Roblox art assets, he'll be the first person they "call in". Stay ready chief!
  4. Because it's an early alpha? Because it's an AI airplane and the way it sits isn't a blocking flight model issue that needed to be addressed in this build? Amazing that you hawk eyed sceptics missed the fact that the wings are flexed as if in flight. And the jetway's attach point to the terminal is jacked up. And the jetway hood isn't wrapped around the fuselage the way we've seen it in previous videos. Ermergerd, the sky is falling! Who cares? It's as if you self-proclaimed gifts to software engineering are somehow completely unaware of how software development actually works. This is my shocked face. 😐
  5. So you think Asobo creating high-fidelity default aircraft and third-party developers creating high-fidelity addon aircraft are mutually exclusive?
  6. Resorting to the ad hominem is a sure sign you're losing the argument.
  7. Well, you've got a good sense of humor. But I still think you're wrong.
  8. No, sorry. I'm a lover of free speech, and I despise overzealous moderation. But as we're reminded from time to time, this is a private forum and we are all guests. There is no such thing as "free speech" here. There's a middle ground between stifling discussion and a free for all where people feel empowered to make false statements with no repurcussions. I don't come to Avsim to read people's lies.
  9. He thinks they'll be able to scrape MSFS scenery from the servers for use in P3D. We're dealing with real intellectuals, here.
  10. There is no question that the claims made by Rob and others are demonstrably false. Disagreement, even vigorous disagreement is a great thing. But intentionally spreading disinformation is a truly despicable act. Avsim shouldn't allow this type of behavior to persist.
  11. But, but, that doesn't fit the narrative! Let's see how our friends spin this one.
  12. The screenshots aren't holy. In fact, it appears to me that a substantial fraction of the screenshots shown thus far were originally taken to point out graphical anomalies in the scenery. The river shot is a prime example...I dont think it's a coincidence that particular portion of the river is the center of the frame. It's pretty courageous of the devs to put that stuff out there, to be honest. But I do think it's a bit silly to point out the obvious flaw which is the apparent subject of the screenshot.
  13. I doubt we'll be influencing the content of the video this late in the game, but I have a few wishlist items: 1) TACAN for military flying 2) GLS 3) GNSS constellations with correct ephemeris data 4) D-ATIS with separate arrival/departure frequencies where appropriate 5) AWOS/ASOS with RVR I also have a whole lot of opinions about ATC, but I'm not sure how complete that's going to be at release. Hopefully we get some idea what's planned for ATC. I will say that I have no desire to use ATC clients like VATSIM or others, so I really want the included ATC to be as robust as possible. I don't want to be limited to a handful of airports and certain times of day for ATC services. FSX ATC was extremely well done for it's time, and I'm hoping we can have a revolutionary upgrade to that system.
  14. If we're being honest with each other, what does anything you post have to do with anything? You're a terrible source of misinformation and disinformation, who doesn't know when to stop stalking. Your posts should honestly be reported to the moderators. I can't put you on my ignore list where you belong because I'm on mobile, but you and I don't have anything left to discuss.
  15. That's your big proof, huh? Encoding and playback (stuttering) issues with videos hosted on the FS website before they went to YouTube? That proves WASM will cause 1+ second pauses in flight instruments? Outstanding work! They should've hired you to find the WMD in Iraq!
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