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  1. Not true for PMDG. As suggested it's in the manual. Select startup state in your FMC
  2. It's not easy to do. Took me about a week to get it working. It involves using a program to create a virtual joystick that will read your acceleration and clutch pedals as a single axis. You can than assign rudder to this axis. The brake axis of the the G27 is the combined brake axis for FSX via FSUIPC. Here's how to create the virtual joystick: http://www.jim-melton.com/2011/04/24/use-your-logitech-g25g27-pedals-as-rudder-controls/ But as I see you already have the CH rudders which is more real than using race pedals imo
  3. Saitek ProFlight Yoke System and the pedals from my Logitech G27 racing wheel for rudder and brake
  4. PMDG is working as we speak on implementing the 777 into FSX SE. In the general support forum there's a threat with info on this -edit- just read the new installer is out. Did you download the new updated Triple7?
  5. In one word: fantastic. Just flew my first flight with SP1 installed VHHH-EDDP at 4x acc. The weather radar is just too cool B) Data link is a great feature. I've noticed a significant improvement in smoothness running FSX vs. pre-SP1. And the fixes I was most interested in are all there. Thank you for your hard work. Next week my paycheck is in and I'll get me one of those -300s for only 29.99 good price . Well I'm off flying again.....
  6. Speedy recovery to you mr. Randazzo!! I Don't mind waiting a bit. Still enjoying the B77L
  7. Looks to me it's the entry door to economy class, but I could be mistaken? If not it's the inlet for that device in the back that provides power when engines are not running, and groundpower is not conected. Can't remember the name of that thing though.
  8. 0:58 The vodka burner is rolling.. We have smirnoff...... 2:08 and I'm running out of film, gee I hope I have enough to film the crash.. those aussies in the last video are a funny bunch
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