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  1. I haven't defragged my C: drive for about a year because it takes too long, i think it was about 7 hours (?) last time. Is that normal or can we speed it up somehow?
  2. Thanks, and there's also a good WW2 aircraft gallery at The Few Good Men here, including categories for tanks and infantry etc- http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forums/world-war-two-images.11/ Example-Captured Jagdpanther (click to enlarge)
  3. If any of you guys do WW2 aircraft, check out this site- http://www.mission4t...=viewforum&f=92 as most of the photos are computer-enhanced and enlarged to show detail down to the individual rivet and panel-line level.. example: Dauntless (click to enlarge)-
  4. "Apart from this, how did you enjoy your flight Mr. Farage?"
  5. Most crashes are due to pilot error, so in an airliner I'd be forever worrying whether the pilots were doing their job properly..
  6. Good riddance to rep systems anyway; i've seen other forums fall apart through bad feeling and bickering caused by members hitting each other with red negative rep pts as if they're immature schoolyard brats..
  7. As a gamer/simmer, I see quite a few complaints about Steam around the net; many people just don't seem to like it for various reasons such as registration problems and stuff. And you can't give a Steam game away to pals because it'll only work on your computer via your personal Steam account, not on theirs.
  8. Flight attendant Karen Black in 'Airport' was out of comms but could still fly a 747 through the mountains.. George Kennedy- "She's flying it herself!" Charlton Heston- "Climb baby, climb!"
  9. For real dabbling in space, the ORBITER sim is first-rate and totally free,they must be crazy to give it away, ha ha.. PS- for a challenge I've been trying for ages in Orbiter to get the Shuttle into orbit without looking at the instruments and haven't managed it yet, it's almost impossible to fly spacecraft by the seat of your pants and eyeballs only! http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/
  10. I've only flown 3 times (Taylorcraft Auster, Cessna 172 and a Swallow glider) and was a passenger each time. Can't say I enjoyed it because I was on the verge of being airsick the whole time! I've never flown in an airliner but wouldn't like to for the same reason, and i'd also feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic. As far as I'm concerned it's perfectly normal not to like flying, I mean anybody who likes sitting in an airtight tin box 6 miles high at 500mph surely can't be normal?.. PS- I also hate car travel,(I've never had or wanted a car) and have to make excuses not to go when my niece offers to take me out in hers. Coaches and trains I also dislike, I feel sick the whole journey and it lasts for a couple of days afterwards, boy am i weird..
  11. Thanks i've looked some up on youtube and they're a bit slow for me, and are mostly about doods lamenting their lost woman.. I like stuff with a lot of swing, dunno what category this Barrett number falls into (R&B or rock maybe?) but it blows my socks off-
  12. The Realair website is- http://www.realairsi...e.php?page=home And their Support address is- rob@realairsimulations.com So it might be worthwhile dropping them a line, they've got your money..
  13. Is it turbo-engined? Turbos are notoriously slow to start, you might have to wait a full minute or more after hitting the ignition switch before you hear the whine and see the prop begin turning.
  14. I know zilch about blues, can anybody recommend some all-time greatest blues classics so i can listen to them on youtube?
  15. I've never flown in an airliner, but I've heard of people being flung about and getting hurt bad in the cabin in turbulence, so if I ever fly, should I keep my seatbelt on for the whole flight?
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