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  1. That link comes back with "FilghtToolkit_1_1_34.zip"
  2. No the ver I have is which is the latest ver to download from http://flighttoolkit.com/
  3. Hi Oscar, Thanks for the reply. I have: C:/FlightTemp/Temp/ (This folder is empty) C:/FlightTemp/FSX World/OutputStatus.txt (contents of file: C:/FlightTemp/FSX World/Scenery/world/scenery/ (Contains 424 bgl files) No "FSXWorld.flightAddon" to be found. David.
  4. the list is the last thing on the screen. I then have a folder with file in it but how do I install them into Flight? The way I read it the tool should do that? But I still do not see any airport on the world map in the UI. David.
  5. FSX scenery Port. Getting a whole lot of warnings like this (End of list): --------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: Unknown airport format version. Assuming it is a MSFlight format Saving BGL file: 'C:\FlightTemp\FSX World\Scenery\World\scenery\AECBIVO.bgl' Loading BGL file: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Scenery\W orld\scenery\Traffic_Bowerman.bgl' Error: Unknown BGL header. Error: FSX conversion failed: Failed to load FSX BGL file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Sc enery\World\scenery\Traffic_Bowerman.bgl at FlightToolkit.SceneryConverter.ConvertFSXSceneryToFlight(String fsxScenery CfgPath, String fsxTerrainCfgPath, String outputRootPath, HashSet`1 filesToSkip, HashSet`1 vegetationGroupings, IEnumerable`1 lclookupBgls, ILogger logger, IPro gress`1 progress) at ContentConverter.Program.Main(String[] args) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any Help Please
  6. Hi ALL, (I hope this group is still around?) I am going back to Flight after some time and have had to use Stonelance's Flight Tools to do the reinstall. (Thank you to Stonelance's and any other involved). I still have to do the port the FSX scenery across but I see new Aerocaches listed but I need the "Downloadable content". Where can I get this from? (Sorry If I have mist it in all the posts) I await your reply. Thank you Oz Flyer David.
  7. Dose any one know if propwashsim.com is still trading I posted a comment on one of there parts and sent an email over a week ago and have had no reply. I await your reply David.
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong sub forum. Dose any one know if propwashsim.com is still trading I posted a comment on one of there parts and sent an email over a week ago and have had no reply. I await your reply David. PS Sorry just found the Home Cockpit Support Forum will post there.
  9. Try setting the mixture control at cold and dark they are set to 0 and need to be at least 40
  10. N4gix, Your a life saver the manual make no mention of mixture and i total over looked it and that was the missing link. Thank you David Oz Flyer.
  11. Hi All, This may be off topic but I am hopping the since this is a design forum some one may be able to give me the answer I am looking for. Dose any one know which file or where to find the info on the CTRL E auto start for FSX? My problem is from cold and dark I can get the engine's to start looking at the gauge's but the rotor's do not turn. If I do a CTRL E auto start then shut it down I can start it every time using the start up from the user manual. So the CTRL E auto start must be setting some variable that is not listed in the manual. I have tried rotor brake and clutch etc. Thanks for any help or ideas you may have.
  12. Hi There, I am looking for a list of LVAR's (Local Variables) used in the B200 so I can map switches and other controls in SPAD.neXt replacement Saitek driver. Thank you in advance.
  13. Where's the "Fish & Chips" and I will vote only once you make income as an option. Sorry will note vote in any poll that is in.
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