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  1. Hello pmdg. When will the installers be updated? I would like to purchase this airplane but i am waiting the main installers to be updated to avoid propable problems and to have a clean install. Thanks
  2. I have changed to wide view and zoom if 1 and wow it is more realistic . Thank you.
  3. Dear kyle, thank you for fast and detailed reply. I will use this option with view between 0.8 and 1 and report back the result. Thank you. I have been not using it with .5 zoom with vc and 0.3 zoom with planes having 2d cockpits
  4. I have lg ips led 22 inch monitor with 1920×1080 resolution and when using wideview option in fsx cfg file the view is not comftortable. When turn off the view is ok. Could you please advice the correct option for my monitor. Thanks
  5. I fly the fslab a320 with 2d cockpit only because the vc is hard on fps. I wish that pmdg had implemented 2d cockpit so that enable people with normal rigs to have the chance to fly this bird.
  6. How many fps do you get with both aircrafts ? Which aircraft has the clearer displays?
  7. I have fslab and get 18-22 fps, i hope the new queen will have the same performance!
  8. Thank you for reply. In terms of FPS how does it run? Thanks.
  9. Hello guys , firstly, i would like to congratulate PMDG for the release of b747 and with them the best. Secondly i would like to ask about aircraft performance in terms of frames per second and smoothness in fsx se. Your feed back is very much appreciated.thanks .
  10. Hello guys, i want to know what will happen when the subscription end. Do i still have an access to old charts or i do not have access at all. Thanks.
  11. Excellent news looking exciting to have this beauty. I love you PMDG
  12. Zinertek textures size is approximatly 300mb. I wonder which is better the latter or Rex Hd. Thanks.
  13. Hello guys, i want your suggestions for textures replacement for runways only without sky and water items since i have AS2016 and ASCA2016 along with ORBX base and vector. thank you.
  14. I like the continuous support and the excellent updating provided by HIFI to its products.keep it up.
  15. Nice screen shots. Did you realize a significant change?
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