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  1. Hello, I have Hotas Warthog and use a button on the stick to pause TrackIR. While MSFS is running with Track IR, i simply set a button of my stick in the Pause feature within the Track IR program , like you do it with the keyboard. That is all. It doesn't work for you ?
  2. Indeed, it was the battery. When cold and dark, the CTRL+E need at least the battery button been switched on. I switch it with ALT+B then i make CTRL+E and it works. Thanks a lot for your help !!!
  3. Thanks for your suggestion but not intentionally. Nothing on my stick and throttle. Maybe something on keyboard where i have set some keys with default ones. Curiously, i test numerous times and CTRL+E is the first thing i do after the flight is ready to go. I'll look at magnetos or battery switchs. Thanks
  4. Hello Since the last release (, I can no longer start my engines with CTRL+E when I begin the flight cold and dark, on a parking. Maybe it's due to the wizard setup that I changed but can't see anything that have to do with this. What could prevent engines from starting with CTRL+E? In advance, thanks for help.
  5. I just test it now. I disengage multiplayer and live weather. Unfortunately, same issue : weather option still not clickable in customization menu on toolbar. It seems that for me weather couldn't be set in flight.
  6. Hi devgrp, i'll try that as soon as possible. I thought have seen such options, perhaps in first releases. Thanks a lot ...
  7. Weather option no clickable on the menu in the toolbar. Is there anybody to help me ? Thanks a lot in advance.
  8. Hello, 2 questions from a newbie : 1) Since a couple of time, my weather setting can't be activated in flight (no clickable in the menu). Why ? 2) Where is the menu for multi-players setting ? Distances setting, info displayed like speed, heading, ... Thanks in advance. PS : I have the hf2 installed
  9. In french, "Assistant de vol" on the main screen in flight and the radio button "Guides d'atterissage et de roulage". It displays taxi arrows (to direct you to runway).
  10. Did you activate the guidance radio button in the assistance menu ?
  11. Here for me : C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState
  12. Yes, Thanks Bobsk8, I had read this fix ... The real fix is an update of Gaming Services App. My issue occurs today and no update of Gaming Services App since 20th. So, it is still here for me ...
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