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  1. If it's real, it'd be one hell of a simulator...I'll believe it when I see it though :ph34r: Cheers
  2. Great Update guys! Can't wait for the 300ER. Helped me get my mind off the referees blowing the Raptors-Nets game :angry: Cheers
  3. Personally, I like the CYYT-EGLL-CYYT route that Air Canada does in the ETOPS A319. Only about 5 hours to cross the pond, which stretches the 319's range. You need all the power you can get getting out of CYYT, especially with full pax. Usually, winds are challenging in St John's, with early fog, so things get interesting Cheers
  4. These products were old, outdated, and not exactly up to par. If the new ones coming up will be up to par, then why try and make something on top of something else that was made to make another thing better. Thing
  5. I will now crawl out from under my internet rock and say something, as this seems to happen a lot. A quick search of here, or using a new fangled thing like Google, will tell you that the 787, A380, and A330 are all currently being developed, or are planned to be by other companies. They all look fairly decent in quality as well. Although customers are what keep companies rolling, this isn't PMDG's first rodeo. They know what is optimal to put out on the market. Besides, we already have multiple excellent aircraft out from PMDG, so we should enjoy those while PMDG makes their educated and executive business decisions B) Now, to slowing return to the deep, dark depths of the internet :ph34r: Cheers
  6. I realize that it isn't supposed to help, but my VAS dropped significantly with it vs the 4xS settings, etc. Maybe I just got lucky with my tweaking. Seems that's what I'm relying on most trying to fight FSX. Luck <_<
  7. This is my personal experience, and I don't know if it'll work the same for others, but using the "8xSQ" settings in Inspector keeps me well away from OOM's. You can play around with it a bit to get the best settings. In case you haven't seen it, there is a pin showing ideal Inspector settings, and 8xSQ is one. Cheers, Ryan
  8. I don't think it is really whether it is 'good' or not, it is what works best for your computer and GPU. I started with Ryan's settings, and then tweaked them to get the best performance, usually in the area of antialiasing. Nonetheless, Ryan's settings will still provide a world of a difference as is. Hope this helps,
  9. Hey Everyone, Lately, I've been flying the MD-11 a lot, and one thing I have noticed is that the taxi and landing lights are very far in the distance, and slightly displaced. I looked around on these and other forums, and saw that it may be a conflict with my weather program, AS2012. I tried unchecking the option to use AS's lights, uninstalled the MD-11, and no luck. I'm wondering if anyone has any other solutions. Also, I was planning on purchasing Shockwave lights from A2A, would that also solve it? Thanks,
  10. Are you sure you are landing on a runway that is CATIII capable? If not, then you can't carry out a full autoland. And besides, landing is the best part. Why sit back and let the plane do it for you? B)
  11. Looks amazing! :Applause: Well worth the slight wait :good:
  12. Hi Ryan, The message was there saying it was icing, but I've heard of that temperature glitch, where it decides to skyrocket. I was getting a reading of -47C at the time. I'm flying back across the pond next Monday, so I'll see what happens then.
  13. I'll use the Jet A1 next flight. Sounds pretty convincing to me :clapping:
  14. As I said in the first post, I get a warning saying there is ice detected, so I turn the ant-ice ON, and it goes away, but I still can't maintain altitude and airspeed. Eventually, it would go in and out of protection mode, put still wouldn't fully recover. I think that it was the combination of the cloud icing, headwinds and turbulence that did it, because I am now flying in clear skies, having no issues
  15. I put them down to 0, and I still could barely climb. And the MD-11 said that ice was still being detected. Tried the FSX weather didn't work. I'm baffled
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