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  1. Multiple crashes if this scenario is on. Even navigraph updates will cause incompatibilities and they are unwilling to refund or fix it.
  2. Old: Did not work for me, as a matter of fact it went even more crazy: both engine starters, pitot probes and master were on on the gate (my mechanical switches are working and were off). This is new. I had several electrical glitches, 2 on just from gate to runway taxing with lights going full bright, another after takeoff, one during cruise and one more on short final. Ill give it a rest until MS fixes it. Edit: It may have worked. I was turning off real-time traffic, now saw the option for generic traffic on graphics settings. I also saw it is on the known bugs list at MS. Tks!
  3. Yes, it happened on first flight after I reinstalled the CJ4 mod. That could be it.
  4. PFD nav info is much easier to read, thanks for that! 1) The phugoid oscillation with FLC climb mode and GS is back and worse than ever. I think that`s what was mentioned: "The aircraft is still using the built-in MSFS autopilot (for now)" "FLC stability appears to have regressed with the autopilot aircraft energy calculation changes in 1.9.3. We have attempted tuning the autopilot PIDs but as of right now the behavior of the underlying sim FLC PID itself seems to be at issue. We will continue to investigate. " 2) Co-pilot is no longer handling the radios. Activating the option simply changes my voice to a more (pleasant?) female voice, but she doesn`t want to talk. Maybe she gave up on ATC like me? lol 3) Other stuff: -1/2 Bank is still not showing on PFD and the tool-tip (on/off) label is still reversed. -Approach minimums not displaying/no call-outs. -No Radar Altimeter.
  5. Yeah Im on a different pc. But I did experience what you reported now. Weird. Did you get it fixed by changing aircraft like mentioned above?
  6. Are you illiterate? I did acknowledge that the co-pilot radio handling was working as normally... 4 times!!! I added the ATC and copilot handling as other issues. Anyway I now experienced for the first time what the OP mentioned. My copilot is no longer replying, the option simply changes my voice into hers.
  7. 1) Nice, this is becoming the first "simulator" aircraft on MSFS. Thanks for your hard work! 2) When on an IFR plan the option to get ATIS from the menu simply isn`t there for me, at least not until I am already on final with tower. I am manually tuning the atis and I noticed the range is abysmal, with some instances where I had to be within 15nm from the destination to get it an at mid-level altitudes. An ACARS function to check D-ATIS from FMS on any airports would be god sent! 3) Any possibility of including baro/rad minimums to display properly? Perhaps even include a horn or call-outs? It does nothing when I set it, doesn`t show up anywhere. 4) I just noticed you guys fixed the clock to display seconds. That is amazing, since its the only way I found to know if I have accelerated time on. Thanks! 5) Pressurization and oxygen will be possible? Not sure how it works on the Citation, so could be user error. But my O2 reads zero and I have no idea where the field elevation setting is. 6) The 1/2 bank switch tool tip text seems reversed to me (on when its off) and there is no symbol to know when its active on the PFD. 7) Fuel performance is still way off it seems. On simbrief I added a 35% increase correction and still got to my destination with 1600 lbs instead of 2200 calculated. 😎 I started getting some weird phugoid (pitch) oscillations at high altitude cruise with AP on at alt cap. They are tinny, but impossible to stop. Just annoying, not interfering with anything. I have not tested the new patch (1.9.3) yet, doing the update now. Awesome work so far, I am very grateful!
  8. This is awesome!!! Finally I didn`t have to use VS for a climb. 1) FMS is getting better and better, but still not working to change approaches or re-sequence legs (keep adding on top of previous and it looks like a spaghetti bowl in the end). 2) I couldn`t find the mentioned landing performance preview and now since I can`t get an ATIS (since patch the range seems absurdly small). I am guesstimating temps/winds to get the v-speeds. 3) Only new glitch I noticed is the pilot side overhead lamp keeps going from dim to full bright after a few minutes. It seems unrelated with the patch-introduced electrical/avionics reset, that still occurs at different times. Thanks for this!
  9. Awesome, glad to know Im not the only one with the issue. Yeah, I was doing that and it gets pretty annoying, the whole aircraft and FS bugs are already a pain to work through that I can`t concentrate on the flight itself. Yesterday I ended up 20 nm off route due to a cdi that wouldn`t center on the correct VOR radial (GEG). Thanks for improving what MS/Asobo isn`t!
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