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  1. Sounds fair to me. From my side it may also be a good idea to hold off any purchases until I find out FS still works after SU10.
  2. Any updates on this? Thinking about buying it for the floats.
  3. Launching FS2Crew from toolbar Worked. My MSFS shortcut had admin launch disabled. 👍 3) Windows taskbar pop up. Changing the value on URL doesn't do anything on my ipad or my iphone 12. I tried 600, 1000, 1024, 2000. 6) App config options reset. Spoke too soon. 😟 But I found a way to force this to happen. If I start FS2Crew without being in the cockpit (or outside the game) it deletes the FS2Crew CRJ for MSFS Log.log from the folder and the FS2Crew CRJ for MSFS.xml reset to default. Not sure why it happens on other times, but at least now it is reproducible. Soft/Hard Mute Binding I may be looking in the wrong place, but I couldnt find anything about Mute on "FS2Crew CRJ Tutorial.pdf". For me the hard mute can`t be un-muted once triggered, unless I click the panel mic button (with the mouse). Soft stays muted until I deselect the key. Also having a lot of issues with bindings, where it will recognize the a joystick button the first time I scan it, but not the next time (I have to restart FS2Crew to change bindings).
  4. Many solutions but new questions emerged 😅 What is the difference between soft or hard mute? I just realized I can`t launch FS2Crew from inside the sim (upper toolbar). It makes a "click" sound when I press launch but nothing happens (FSCrew Command Center running and no issues starting manually). 3) Windows taskbar pop up. I tried using a mobile phone outside the sim with a small caveat: The texts are huge on my ipad safari! The checklist wont fit entirely on screen. Scrolling down only helps temporarily. When a new checklist or command is entered it goes back to the top (blue bar). I tried reducing ipad the text size to no avail. Even the first box won`t fit the iPad screen: Merging both screens (what should be visible): 6) App config options reset. The reset issue appears to have stopped. I still don`t know what caused it. Updating to 1.3.8 and multiple restarts and the config has persisted. Will keep you posted if it happens again. 4) FS2Crew Manager ignoring auto-starting off. It seems to have worked. Thanks!
  5. Manuel, thanks for the reply! Starting with the most critical for me: 6) App config options reset. Yeah, happened again. All config is reset, including joystick assignment, crew volume, voice selection etc. Very annoying. I am suspecting it could be because I disconnect my joystick or restart the computer. Would it solve if I marked the "FS2Crew CRJ for MSFS.xml" on "x:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew CRJ for MSFS" as read only? Or that could break something else? 2) Gear action. Thanks for the tip! For now Ill just manually retract, as the flaps are working fine and I like having the FO retract the flaps during Climb Sq. Maybe a way to disable the two independently in a future patch? 3) Windows taskbar pop up. I am using Voice Control with a soft mute key. So I keep it muted until I want to issue a command with voice. Essentially any time I click on the green button to hide/show the panel my windows taskbar pops up and stays in front of my FS window. I have not launched it from inside the FS, only from the desktop shortcut. I will give this further testing. Video link* 8 - INFO CENTER selection boxes invisible. For me it`s happening everytime. Even if I make them re-appear (drag window or mouse over), after selecting "i" it does the same thing later. Not a huge deal, just sharing. Video link2* 1) Custom checks. Perhaps a way to change the challenge/responses (for instance from on to off)? Or just the trigger word (Taxi Check instead of Pre-Taxi Check). Not a huge deal for me (I would say it`s 90% to what we used). 4) FS2Crew Manager ignoring auto-starting off. Did the admin changes, will test a bit more but I think it`s no longer starting. 7,5) Awesome! *Sorry for the poor phone quality videos. The capture software wouldn`t capture the entire screen with FS2Crew, just the active one (MSFS).
  6. Sorry to post many questions at once, but figured it would be more efficient. FAQ read, using FS2Crew CRJ edition v1.2.25.0 (WASM module v1.0) and Aerosoft CRJ v1.0.17. 1) Is there or will there be a way to customize the checks? For instance, my company has the parking brake "On" instead of "Off" at the Terminating checklist. 2) I use a honeycomb bravo with a gear lever. My co-pilot says he retracted/extended the LDG but the ungracious sob is lying! Any way around this (ignore the physical lever position)? 3) Windows taskbar starts showing on full screen mode. Any way to avoid MSFS from coming out of full screen when FS2Crew is used? 4) FS2Crew Manager (the one with install/uninstall options) starts when windows starts, despite auto-start option being off. 5) On the ground SET HDG or ALTITUDE commands are recognized but the change is not performed (log says executing command). No issues when flying. 2022-08-07 11:54:53 - WASM Module's Version: 2022-08-07 11:54:53 - SUCCESS! - The [VoiceRecog64.dll] has been LOADED... 2022-08-07 11:54:53 - Attempting to start the voice recognition's engine... 2022-08-07 11:54:53 - SUCCESS! - The voice recognition engine has been STARTED! 2022-08-07 11:54:53 - DETECTED language: 'ENGLISH -US' (0x409)... 2022-08-07 11:55:12 - Recognized Phrase: 'Set altitude seven thousand' 2022-08-07 11:55:12 - Executing FO's COMMAND: [AUTOPILOT: SET ALTITUDE XXX] 2022-08-07 11:55:29 - Recognized Phrase: 'landing lights on' 2022-08-07 11:55:29 - Executing FO's COMMAND: [LIGHTS: LANDING ON] 2022-08-07 11:55:32 - Recognized Phrase: 'landing lights off' 2022-08-07 11:55:32 - Executing FO's COMMAND: [LIGHTS: LANDING OFF] 6) Sometimes, after restarting my computer, the app config options are lost, they reset. 7) SET Heading _____ my FO moves the HDG bug slower than my dead granny. Took him 60s to twist the heading 180°!!! Any way to get him to turn the HDG bug faster than standard rate? 8 - My INFO CENTER appears but the selection boxes (CHK GENERAL, FO/PM etc) are blank. They reappear and stay when I pass my mouse over them. Opacity changes nothing. Thanks!
  7. It has been dead for a looong time. The only good thing was to follow discord and see hope drained from peoples souls. You don`t even get that as it was censored too.
  8. Well, if you know the "truth", please share with us because its been a year of promises (next week) and nothing but all discord communications cut off. The truth is we all lost money on this.
  9. This post is old but, just to let people looking for something similar to fspassengers that don`t like being scammed, it hasn`t been updated since 2020 and the owner (on permanent vacation since then) disabled the discord so people wouldn`t complain. Buy at your own risk or buy PACX from a more reputable company like TFDi.
  10. Multiple crashes if this scenario is on. Even navigraph updates will cause incompatibilities and they are unwilling to refund or fix it.
  11. Old: Did not work for me, as a matter of fact it went even more crazy: both engine starters, pitot probes and master were on on the gate (my mechanical switches are working and were off). This is new. I had several electrical glitches, 2 on just from gate to runway taxing with lights going full bright, another after takeoff, one during cruise and one more on short final. Ill give it a rest until MS fixes it. Edit: It may have worked. I was turning off real-time traffic, now saw the option for generic traffic on graphics settings. I also saw it is on the known bugs list at MS. Tks!
  12. Yes, it happened on first flight after I reinstalled the CJ4 mod. That could be it.
  13. PFD nav info is much easier to read, thanks for that! 1) The phugoid oscillation with FLC climb mode and GS is back and worse than ever. I think that`s what was mentioned: "The aircraft is still using the built-in MSFS autopilot (for now)" "FLC stability appears to have regressed with the autopilot aircraft energy calculation changes in 1.9.3. We have attempted tuning the autopilot PIDs but as of right now the behavior of the underlying sim FLC PID itself seems to be at issue. We will continue to investigate. " 2) Co-pilot is no longer handling the radios. Activating the option simply changes my voice to a more (pleasant?) female voice, but she doesn`t want to talk. Maybe she gave up on ATC like me? lol 3) Other stuff: -1/2 Bank is still not showing on PFD and the tool-tip (on/off) label is still reversed. -Approach minimums not displaying/no call-outs. -No Radar Altimeter.
  14. Yeah Im on a different pc. But I did experience what you reported now. Weird. Did you get it fixed by changing aircraft like mentioned above?
  15. Are you illiterate? I did acknowledge that the co-pilot radio handling was working as normally... 4 times!!! I added the ATC and copilot handling as other issues. Anyway I now experienced for the first time what the OP mentioned. My copilot is no longer replying, the option simply changes my voice into hers.
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