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  1. It's very obvious you are looking at this issue through a agenda plagued lens. ESP is pretty much a finished game - unlike how different you can get Unity to look I doubt you could change ESP to look completely different, yet still be in the vein of realistic flight simulation. While P3DV3 has many eye candy features I'd wager DFS stands up well - it's performance tweaks, PBR and 64 bit wage very well for it's success in the current gen market. Can I also say just how silly arguing that this is nothing more than P3DV2 is - it is a $15 product for the consumer market, compared to the $200 price tag on P3D, or $60 if you're a student. That's only 1/3 of my argument, the other 2/3 is that P3D doesn't offer anything groundbreakingly new like you all seem to want. In your words, it is "basically just FSX" with a few eye candy tweaks.
  2. Cole_

    One Year On.....

    The Botany Bay error has been present throughout X-Plane 10... Annoying to say the least, it hasn't been addressed in any updates. Ben Supnik mentioned in a blog post that the the problem would be fixed in a later revision of the beta at earliest, or 10.35. To change the landclass to water you need to cut the DSF files which isn't an easy task and I'm pretty sure minimal tools are available to the consumer X-Plane addon scene to do it yourself.
  3. The F-16 is pathetic. I fly Falcon BMS from time to time and I can tell you the systems are no where near how they should be... Simplistic simulation of electronics, engine start. The aesthetics of the cockpit aren't good either, the external is sub-par (not something like the FJS 727) and the sounds aren't noteworthy.
  4. This image demonstrates the "glossy" shiny effect I get when the sun is shining down on a considerable angle upon the ground, usually at dawn or dusk. You can see it makes the textures look unnatural and weird... This is a screenshot of normal scenery, taken in the middle of the day. See how there is no glossy-ness and it looks a lot more natural. So, my question is, how can I edit the sun texture/ground textures/data refs to make this stupid effect go away? Cheers.
  5. Cole_

    CMD will not engage

    Do you have to have realistic AP engagement turned on in the options? If it is, it will require you in order to engage CMD A, to be on a heading of the first programmed fix, with a margin of about 10 degrees.
  6. Who are we? We are a virtual airline for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. We are planning on adding support for X-Plane users later when a custom ACARS is programmed. Our Aim Virgin Australia virtual aims to simulate all routes operated by Virgin Australia, using the corresponding real life fleet. With a range of aircraft from turboprops, to wide body airliners, Virgin Australia Virtual aims to give users the most realistic simulated experience. Virgin Australia Virtual uses a free ACARS system, kACARS, but also accepts VATSIM flights through VATAWARE. We have a qualification system, where exams need to be taken in order to fly a certain aircraft. We also have an awards system, as well as forum where members can converse. Many more features are going in the future to enhance the realism, so stay tuned! Routes are also currently a work in progress, but by the end of the month, we expect to have around 200 routes in the database. Staff applications are also open and we are happy to welcome in new staff! To apply, simply register, click "Corporate" on the top navigation bar, then press "Staff Application". Cheers, Nicholas Cole, VOZ0001
  7. Yes. I think the administrators should delete any personal information of these guys. I do not think it is in the best interest for AVSIM to gain a witch-hunter reputation. Yes, they have attempted (horribly) to scam a relatively small hobby market, but that is no reason to witch hunt. All we can do is inform others of the website.