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  1. Hello guys, I have 2 computers. I wrote a code which is using PMDG 737NGX(SP1d) and 777X(SP1d) SDK to control CDU. It works well with both products in FSX, but when I use the same code with PMDG products in P3d v3, I can only enter keyboard data to CDU, but I can NOT read out the light data (Eg. MSG, OFST, EXEC) from PMDG 737NGX and 777X. My computer 1 : Windows7 SP1, FSX v10.0.61637.0, PMDG 737NGX(SP1d), 777X(SP1d). My computer 2 : Windows7 SP1, P3d v3, PMDG 737NGX(SP1d), 777X(SP1d). Is there anyone having the same problem? Thank a lot!
  2. Thanks Hope PMDG releases improved SDK soon. Wangyw
  3. hi. I am now so confused about how to read the text on CDU` screen. I know a APP named Virtual CDU for iOS and Android can read text information from PMDG737NGX.(http://www.virtualavionics.com.br/).Do you have some idel to read each char from CDU now? Thx Wangyw
  4. Hi I find the way to set all bottons in SDK ,but I don`t know how to readout the text and char on CDU`s screen. Can you help me? THX Wangyw
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