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  1. Hello guys, I have 2 computers. I wrote a code which is using PMDG 737NGX(SP1d) and 777X(SP1d) SDK to control CDU. It works well with both products in FSX, but when I use the same code with PMDG products in P3d v3, I can only enter keyboard data to CDU, but I can NOT read out the light data (Eg. MSG, OFST, EXEC) from PMDG 737NGX and 777X. My computer 1 : Windows7 SP1, FSX v10.0.61637.0, PMDG 737NGX(SP1d), 777X(SP1d). My computer 2 : Windows7 SP1, P3d v3, PMDG 737NGX(SP1d), 777X(SP1d). Is there anyone having the same problem? Thank a lot!
  2. Thank you very much! I will try this and reply you if it works!
  3. Thanks a lot! Actually I have the same problem with 777X too. I tried some method to find the key up command but failed. Did the developer of the VRinsight CDU2 solved the problem eventually? Regards Wei There is a little issue above. if (parameter) parameter=0; else parameter=1; But it is not the reason...
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to control CDU buttons by SDK of NGX. Now I can control all buttons normally except CLR button. I use these method: ...... int parameter=0; hr = SimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent(hSimConnect,EVENT_CDU_L_CLR, "#70234"); if (parameter) parameter=1; else parameter=0; SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent(hSimConnect, 0, EVENT_CDU_L_CLR, 1, SIMCONNECT_GROUP_PRIORITY_HIGHEST, SIMCONNECT_EVENT_FLAG_GROUPID_IS_PRIORITY); ...... If I push CLR button via SDK quickly, it clears one character in scratch pad line first, then all characters disappear. It seems like I hold the CLR button for a while. But I just want to delete one character. I have tried the other method to send CLR button to NGX but nothing changed. Do you have any ideal? Thanks! Wei
  5. Hi I'm looking for the font file on CDU screen,but I find no such file in \FSX\Fonts.Where can I find it? Thanks!
  6. Thanks Hope PMDG releases improved SDK soon. Wangyw
  7. hi Ryan I am confused about how to readout the text displayed on CDU for a long time. I can`t find the way to read data from CDU`screen in SDK. Now a App named Virtual CDU for iOS and Android can get data from CDU`screen,and I would like to know the mothed which Virtual CDU uses to read chars from CDU`screen. THX Wangyw
  8. hi. I am now so confused about how to read the text on CDU` screen. I know a APP named Virtual CDU for iOS and Android can read text information from PMDG737NGX.(http://www.virtualavionics.com.br/).Do you have some idel to read each char from CDU now? Thx Wangyw
  9. Hi. I like FSX and program so much. I have tried to build a program by C++ to show CDU but failed . As I know, <PMDG_NGX_SDK.h> shows the way to define the bottons on CDU . But I did not find how to read out the Text shown on CDU. How can I know each char on CDU? THX Wangyw
  10. Hi I find the way to set all bottons in SDK ,but I don`t know how to readout the text and char on CDU`s screen. Can you help me? THX Wangyw
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