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  1. Hi Urmel, I have to say that I’m very disappointed at your efforts to publicly shame our company! Informing us via email that our scenery contains several, in your own words, “No Go’s”, is most certainly the wrong approach. Do you honestly think that the tone and content of your message is conducive to anybody on my team wanting to respond you? I most certainly would not write to a developer with such harshness, our scenery is after all fully functional and has been very well received in the community, with our LEAM Almeria Airport scenery having won a Gold Award at Mutley’s Hangar, and our LEAL Alicante Airport scenery scoring 9.5 out of 10 at FS Elite! While we appreciate suggestions and general user feedback, there is a vast difference between asking for support and requesting certain features to actually demanding changes to satisfy a personal wish. We would like all of our customers to know that we do take support very seriously and of course do answer serious support calls. We also want you to know, that we are currently working on making a scenery configuration panel available. We also have some interesting new products in the pipeline, and our long awaited Boeing B314 Clipper is now in the final stages of development, it should be available shortly before or after the FS Expo in Orlando. If you are attending, we will have our own booth and look forward to seeing you there. Cheers, Stefan Schaefer PILOT'S GesmbH C.E.O.
  2. Thank you Ray for starting this topic! Reading the comments, I wonder if people recommending products actually have compared. 🙂 Because I think, if they have compared (and are not blind or otherwise biased!), they can not possibly recommend what they do recommend. Freemesh is a reasonably good replacement for the default mesh, if you do not care for great accuracy and data rework quality. Or if you want just something "for free". The saying "you get what you pay for" applies in mesh as it applies everywhere else in life. I stand here to prove ... Two examples out of many I can provide are below. The first is a high resolution area. Matterhorn. Real World FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation (with Switzerland Pro) Freemesh (with Switzerland Pro) The second is a "normal" resolution. The Rotenfels at the Nahe river in Germany. FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation Freemesh Even in this low resolution area you can see much more contour and higher detail in FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation.
  3. @AnkH The forum is not where we spread the news. We intended to in the first place, but found users prefer going to the website. So we stopped it. You noted that well and given the dates of the last official "news" posts one should realize that. Posting news has nothing to do with support and you can not hold that against us. As well as "Known issues". There are no "Known issues" since then, as all have been attended to. We run the forum mainly as a platform for users answering other users. It is not our first source of support. Our first source of support is published at the readme and the FSGRW manual. Quote readme: "If you run into troubles during installation, please contact support at 'bla bla @ bla bla dot com' and attach a detailed description of the problem that occured." Quote manual: "If you experience some trouble, please contact support at 'bla bla @ bla bla dot com' ..." Unfortunately I can not do anything if one does not stick to this rule. All important news are made available in due time at our website and at social media. For accessing our website you do not have to be member at facebook. Actually looking at the website always should be the first thing to do when running into an issue. In most cases the solution has already been made available. Of course there was no reply to *some* Qs about P3D V4, since everything already had been published and we had answered to the always same Q in several other threads already. The always repeated Q was "when will it come, when will it come". The answer "When it is ready. We do not know yet and will announce it". That must be sufficient and I can not answer that to every individual Q, if it has already been answered a hundred times. We can ask the users (and that actually is the forum for) to read the forum and find their answers. We announced that we would update to P3D V4. So that was clear from the start. But we must also say, there is no right to the user to have that done. FSGRW has a clear system requirements section and it is clearly defined for a certain set of sims. If a new sim enters, we may or may not update it. In most, if not all cases we will of course. We also want to use it in these sims! But it is solely at our discretion when and how we do that. And I do not accept any pressure on that point. And I am very sensitive to blackmail. "If you do not do that, I will do this." I can show you several emails like that. If someone can not wait, please do what you have to do. When it comes to updates, we always want to have them out as fast as possible, but on a reliable base. Better late than badly done.
  4. Hello! EMail support always works very quickly. Sometimes even within minutes. But we must be emailed first in order to be able to respond. So of course there is no "non existing support". To answer the Qs of @curt1: 1) We have not made any changes to how the wind is inserted and we do not experience these problems in any test nor do we have any other support calls in regards to such an issue. Are you sure you have no other weather program running or installed? Take note, that even though other weather programs are not running, their dlls may be present in the sims dll.xml file and as such loaded and interfering with FSGRW. For reliable use of FSGRW these dlls must be removed from dlll.xml. 2) I just tested and it took 28,53 seconds to download the current weather file. Internet speed may be different at different places. There are backbones involved which may be overloaded or it may have a zillion other reasons. Especially recent laws regarding net neutrality made it possible to have different qualities of speed in most cases depending on payment. I have no idea how that may affect download speeds. Our servers have a high bandwidth and logs show they are not overloaded. So I do not see, what we could change here. @AnkH: A product not ready can not be released. The announcement we were working on the update and would release once ready was clearly made available to the public at our website and via social media. May I ask on which occasion you did not get any support?
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