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  1. Thanks Scott! Indeed that is how it started. A place I'd love to visit but probably never manage to so why not make it in the sim! Any feedback from users would be appreciated.
  2. This is my last project, inspired by the Milviz Otter, so it is hosted in the Milviz forum here: http://milviz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=165&t=8837 It is a premium retreat place mainly for fishing where you can only fly to on DH Canada products. You can find the real place here: http://inconnulodge.com/ The lodge is located in the McEvoy lake deep into the Yukon area in Northern Canada. Besides the pier, there is also a dirt runway to the north. I have added another water runway and pier on Finlayson lake less than 30' flight south-west by Beaver. There is also an AI Beaver floatplane flying between the two piers in Lodge house colors. Your best experience will be in P3Dv4.1 with ORBX FTX NA SAK, but I have given my best effort to cover also FSX and default installs as well as simpler ORBX Global Vector cases. A configuration app will make the necessary changes. Finally, thanks to Bill Leaming, this is the first time I create an installer, although you have to activate the scenery in the library manually. Ambient sounds and AI DHC3 repaint are by Rafal “YoYo” Stankiewicz. Please follow the instructions in the readme and enjoy. Screens by YoYo:
  3. Just as an update, athough my question at the P3D forums was not answered directly, it seems another developer had a similar problem and the answer to him was that this issue is related to zbias and will be solved in the next patch. So it is not the same thing that happened in FSX in the past, related to multiple instances of a GUID, but a different P3D v3.2 related thing. My thread: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6307&t=119373 The other thread: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6307&t=119419
  4. I deleted all the grass objects that were repeated from but it did not solve the problem. Also compiled with latest SDK. I think I'll leave it as is. I was planning to redo this from scratch anyway as I have learned a lot since 2010. Thanks for the help
  5. I should have guessed.. Thanks Jay!
  6. Some just did point out such a thread at FSDeveloper. It seems to be related with many instances of the same object ID which is the case in my scenery. I'll try reducing and see how it goes.
  7. Thanks guys! So far yours may be the most helpful responses I had, especially jabloomf123. Truth is that I use a grass object on the taxiway edges in a bgl of its own that is being repeated several times in the scenery. I will try deleting or reducing it to see if it makes a difference. Still this is a 3.2 issue only though as everything worked fine so far since 2010.
  8. I do not post here often but I have posted this in LM forums, FSDeveloper and ORBX forums but got no reply so far so though that maybe some good soul here might have a suggestion. This issue concerns a custom scenery of my home airport LGTT, Tatoi AB, that I made back in 2010. I recently updated it mainly for P3D but also to make it fit better with ORBX Global + Vector + OpenLC EU, which is the best combination so far for my country. Everything works great in FSXA, FSXSE and P3D 2.5. and used to work in 3.1. However, in 3.2 I have the problem that is shown on the following video: As you can see all the airport disappears under certain angles, mainly low angle and when looking north. All is OK when looking south. The LC polygons I have defined remain visible. ORBX Global, Vector and OPENLC EU are active. The strange thing is this: I tried deactivating the ORBX libraries entry in the scenery library and the problem went away. Again, the problem exists only in P3D 3.2, all other sims are fine. The scenery is made mainly with ADE and using the FSX SDK. Do you think recompiling using the latest P3D v3 SDK would help?
  9. I have been using the program with very good results in my desktop with NVidia 970 card. I was discussing with a friend who runs FSX on a laptop, with no dedicated video card but only an integrated intel chip, currently running in DX9 mode. Do you know if running DX10 preview and using the fixer will present any issues on such a system?
  10. Dirk, I rechecked and I have set both bloom sliders in the general shader options to 60%.
  11. Yep! Only reduced to 85% in the fixer program.
  12. Hi guys. This is my first post at this forum but I am also a new DX10 convert and wished to share my experience at Aerosoft (29 palsms) Skiathos. I use the latest build of the fixer. With the legacy shader slider at center the runway and taxiway texture is mirror like at night. It is fixed if the slider is moved full left. Skiathos at night using the A2A 172: I am very happy camper.