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  1. Atr1x

    PMDG 777F + PFPX

    Hello, today I bought PFPX but I can't find any 777F Profile. Does anybody now if there will be an 777F Profile? regards Atr1x
  2. Atr1x

    Amalgamated 777 BETA Images

    Frooglesim - Facebook
  3. Atr1x

    Release Date Contest

    Affirm yes I'am
  4. Atr1x

    Release Date Contest

    I really Hope that the 777 come this week... Next week school start and I Want to fly my First Route: Leipzig-Bergamo-Hong Kong-Leipzig.
  5. Hope that it will be released soon... School starts on monday..
  6. Atr1x

    Amalgamated 777 BETA Images

  7. Atr1x

    777 first beta impressions

  8. Atr1x

    Release Date Contest

    Now the plane is 9 Days in wide BETA.. Are you sure that the NGX was only 12-14 Days in this Phase? So if this is true and all is fine the 777 will come this Weekend.
  9. Atr1x

    Beta preview - Checklist Please

    Great work! It's awesome that the BETA`s surprise me every day new!
  10. Atr1x

    You have 52K of thrust? I have 220,000 pounds...

    Really awesome! I can't wait to test the 777 myself!
  11. Atr1x

    Release Date Contest

    The NGX Beta was about 10-14 days... So I hope that the 777 is Not longer in BETA...
  12. Atr1x

    Release Date Contest

    In my opinion, the 777 will come on friday.