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  1. overdog

    I just...cant

    Very moving ^^ But definitely: +1 It always makes my heart go soft when I hear these lovely little things like the spinning of the trim wheel. The T7 is my Audi R8 - the one I only use when the weather is perfect and I feel like going somewhere I don't usually ever go. But the 737 - she's the old reliable Volvo, the one who never breaks down, the one who's been with me through the good and the bad. She is will always be the one for me
  2. overdog

    777 Community Livery Availability Thread

    Total anachronism, I know, but a Swissair livery, how cute would that be? ^^
  3. overdog

    Included Liveries

    You got me there ^_^ I wasn't really thinking that far. :rolleyes: However, I know that you know that what I meant to say was: definitely no B73x with Swiss Int'l paintjobs in RL B)
  4. overdog

    Included Liveries

    Any chances on there being a Swiss International livery? Swiss do not currently operate any Boeing A/C. But they have ordered a couple of 777-300ERs for delivery in 2016. The reason I'm mentioning this is that even the NGX (737-800WL) got a Swiss livery (though not from PMDG themselves), and there are definitely no B73... in the Swiss fleet. I fear that my hopes are utterly in vain. But I believe they are said to be the last to die. :-)
  5. I've just now lost a significant amount of paint and pax confidence by touching down just like many of you seem to have done at some point. All gears were down, green lights and all - no signs of any issues whatsoever. And then, at the very second of touchdown I noticed that something went very very wrong. When the plane had finally come to a halt I realized that the right main gear had collapsed into the ground. Sound familiar? Luckily there was no fire and I think apart from bruises and some thoroughly shaken nerven the passengers were okay and able to leave via overwing exits (first time I could actually used them, YAY!). However, just like all the others, I have absolutely no idea at all what went wrong! No warning lights; no failures active in my FMC. It wasn't a perfect landing, but I've had much harder ones where nothing broke. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that only yesterday I turned on service-based failures for the first time ever. However if this issue had been service-based I would've expected it to show up in the FMC afterwards! I think we're all thankful for anyone who can shed some light on this.