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  1. overdog

    777 Community Livery Availability Thread

    Total anachronism, I know, but a Swissair livery, how cute would that be? ^^
  2. overdog

    Included Liveries

    You got me there ^_^ I wasn't really thinking that far. :rolleyes: However, I know that you know that what I meant to say was: definitely no B73x with Swiss Int'l paintjobs in RL B)
  3. overdog

    Included Liveries

    Any chances on there being a Swiss International livery? Swiss do not currently operate any Boeing A/C. But they have ordered a couple of 777-300ERs for delivery in 2016. The reason I'm mentioning this is that even the NGX (737-800WL) got a Swiss livery (though not from PMDG themselves), and there are definitely no B73... in the Swiss fleet. I fear that my hopes are utterly in vain. But I believe they are said to be the last to die. :-)
  4. I've just now lost a significant amount of paint and pax confidence by touching down just like many of you seem to have done at some point. All gears were down, green lights and all - no signs of any issues whatsoever. And then, at the very second of touchdown I noticed that something went very very wrong. When the plane had finally come to a halt I realized that the right main gear had collapsed into the ground. Sound familiar? Luckily there was no fire and I think apart from bruises and some thoroughly shaken nerven the passengers were okay and able to leave via overwing exits (first time I could actually used them, YAY!). However, just like all the others, I have absolutely no idea at all what went wrong! No warning lights; no failures active in my FMC. It wasn't a perfect landing, but I've had much harder ones where nothing broke. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that only yesterday I turned on service-based failures for the first time ever. However if this issue had been service-based I would've expected it to show up in the FMC afterwards! I think we're all thankful for anyone who can shed some light on this.