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  1. overdog

    I just...cant

    Very moving ^^ But definitely: +1 It always makes my heart go soft when I hear these lovely little things like the spinning of the trim wheel. The T7 is my Audi R8 - the one I only use when the weather is perfect and I feel like going somewhere I don't usually ever go. But the 737 - she's the old reliable Volvo, the one who never breaks down, the one who's been with me through the good and the bad. She is will always be the one for me
  2. overdog

    777 Community Livery Availability Thread

    Total anachronism, I know, but a Swissair livery, how cute would that be? ^^
  3. overdog

    Credit Card Ready For Take-Off

    @boeingqa9: Maybe consider replacing brakes and tires of your CC before things start to get serious 'round here. ;-)
  4. overdog

    Delivery Flight For PMDG BOEING 777-200 LR

    I am currently going with my NGX from LSZH to KPAE to get my 777. Haven't really thought about how to get home, though. Probably I'll do a lot of basic intro stuff around Seattle and then will do the first proper cruise acceleration test on the way back home.
  5. Excellent. Videos like this make me feel a lot less scared about learning the 777. It just gives that feeling that I've seen everything a couple of times before and I'll have a much clearer idea what the manuals are talking about. PLUS there's already a certain degree of readjustment and awareness because it's NOT the NGX (or so I've heard *tongueincheek*).
  6. It's interesting how much more I've learnt about the NGX in the past couple of weeks. All the T7 hype got me totally re-excited about the NGX again. So from that point of view I'm trying to enjoy the wait by giving the 738NGX a couple of more hours of airtime before the 320,000lb baby brother is born. Kudos and an awful lot of respect to RSR for sticking to the commitment to and not caving in to what sadly is "widespread demand". And so many thanks to all the team at PMDG for the incredible efforts of late in order to keep the waiting time as short as it can possibly be! I vote for PMDG being re-named to "Perfection Masterclass Development Gods" :rolleyes:
  7. overdog

    PMDG 777 GMCS Taxi Camera

    Don't get me wrong. I would absolutely L*O*V*E to have this feature. I mean...even my bl**dy car has a taxi cam which I frequently use during pushbacks (yes, I said "pushback" when talking about driving my car). But then again I'm not to keen on spending some USD 20-30k for the T7...
  8. overdog

    PMDG 777 GMCS Taxi Camera

    EZDOKkers should have no trouble setting up a "taxi cam" view over the nose wheel which then could be viewed in a second view window I'm not sure if FSX even provides a key combo for popping up an additional window. Yes, it's a workaround. Yes, it's nasty on the FPS. But how much time do we actually spend in close approach to a parking position? I'd say if someone desperately needs a taxicam on the 77L - there are ways :-)
  9. overdog

    Release Date Contest

    It'd be more like omega testing if they did that
  10. overdog

    Included Liveries

    You got me there ^_^ I wasn't really thinking that far. :rolleyes: However, I know that you know that what I meant to say was: definitely no B73x with Swiss Int'l paintjobs in RL B)
  11. overdog

    Included Liveries

    Any chances on there being a Swiss International livery? Swiss do not currently operate any Boeing A/C. But they have ordered a couple of 777-300ERs for delivery in 2016. The reason I'm mentioning this is that even the NGX (737-800WL) got a Swiss livery (though not from PMDG themselves), and there are definitely no B73... in the Swiss fleet. I fear that my hopes are utterly in vain. But I believe they are said to be the last to die. :-)
  12. overdog

    i'm tired of waiting for triple7!

    Way to turn a peaceful thread into a demonstration of your apparent superiority in judging people's worthiness of uttering their ideas. It might have slipped your attention that this idea wasn't meant to be all too serious. I think people have long ago understood that PMDG is quite capable of deciding for themselves on how to proceed with the release of their own product. But I'd be very interested in your list of people who have indeed made the cut and were given your permission to "whine about" the pending release. I do hope they got a grand ceremony because it's quite the life achievment to be granted such a privilege. But then again, I expect it to be very, very easy to find online. :-) Sorry mate, I got carried away a bit. No hard feelings, I hope :blush: I just think you kinda missed my point earlier... i.e. there was no actual point. I think this thread shouldn't be seen to seriously. IMHO there isn't any serious point in discussing the timing of the release. It just seems to make us feel less alone in our agony when we can share the antici-pain-tion.
  13. overdog

    i'm tired of waiting for triple7!

    Here's an idea for PMDG (I'm well aware that this is NOT going to happen, though): Set a price on the T7 and sell it to people. Give them some sort of download voucher for the plane for when it's released and give them the documentation NOW! It would keep us ver very busy and it would be just that little bit more (joyfully) painful to wait for the marvel that is the PMDG 777.