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  1. Hi i've done a few flights and the non experimental version works indeed better. I feel it is a bit smoother but still notice some tearing when panning around. however perhaps this is a thing on my end i don't know.. thanks for your time :)
  2. Cpu load is around 70% ish not a 100. Game mode is disabled, found that in an earlier post to try. How can i go to stable version? then i will give that a try :)
  3. Hi, I've noticed a strange issue popping up with p3d v4.1 when panning with the mouse. Panning around causes a lot of lag and it seems like the screen hangs for a second. Switching between presets works fine, its just the panning which induces this. It sets in after a few minutes after sim is loaded, initially it works fine. Closing chaseplane and restarting temp fixed it until it happens again. running latest V0.3.0166 build. Thanks! Regards, Mark
  4. Do you have any higher res screens by any chance? Seems the quality is quite poor on those small shots, to me it looks like aerosofts version from here
  5. Can't enter PMDG website

    So check your windows hostfile : c:\windows\sytem32\drivers\etc\hosts (right click open with wordpad) and check if there is an entry for the PMDG site. probably this: "" If its there, you or other software put it there, most of the time used by software distributors with 100% discounts.
  6. Next Aircraft?

    Platform: FSX/P3D Developer : Flightsim Labs Aircraft: Airbus A320 (when released) Comment: This one cannot be missed when released.
  7. Wild nose pitch up on engaging LNAV

    Also if your not properly cleaned up (e.g. flaps still out etc) this would couse the A/P to pitch up violently as well. Make sure you are in trim and not flying harder than selected speed. (FMC or VNAV) Mark Visch