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  1. Guys I hate you!! Until now I never thought I'll be ever interested in 747v2 purchase when NGX and 777 were released. Now I feel I'll have to expand my fleet with this beauty, again... Hate you, hate you, hate you and take my money!
  2. Well, for all you guys suggesting the Lear 24.. It's really nice looking airplane, but thanks to additional fuel tanks, it's similar to some military or emergency crafts.. I know, I'm very demanding.. :-D
  3. I think the PC specs is something what is breaking me to fly :-)
  4. Thank you for suggestion, will find it out.. . :-) Also thanks to you, for your point of view. Learning is not a problem. I'm flying a very small sort of planes (so far two as I mentioned above) just for one reason, learn them well. Don't like people who "fly" 50 different aicrarfts and telling me, they could get type rating for all of them. It's impossible of course.. :-)
  5. Ah so, so there are not any issues while enjoying the product, just a security warning will pop up before installing? That's alright, thanks you corrected me! :-) Thanks you let me know, unfortunately S550 looks a bit as turboprop with jet engine what I'm not looking for. Uf.. It takes me very long time to read it out :-P That's very bad but understandable, that they don't want to share performance with us, even that all of us won't be able to simulate their products :-D... As I wrote above, I'm not interested a lot by the Cessna S550, others you wrote I'm not sure If I can remember if they are turboprops or not.. Nevermind. However will think and take a look about EagleSoft Cessna Citation X v2 once again, maybe it will be the winner product. If not, I'll have to develop the bizjet myself probably, because there's nothing else as I can see.. So far :-).. But thanks for the post!
  6. Yeah, I spotted it as well on Aerosoft Market, but it's not businees jet anymore.. Rather small commercial jet.. :/
  7. Hello guys! I have begun to be interested in smaller aircrafts, than I've flew till now (B737,B777), recently. So I began looking for them, but I'm disappointed a bit. Really, there's not any "best" bizjet on the market after aicraft model design, VC, realistic flight envelope, etc., or I'm just blind? I already tried out some add-ons, but they're not good enough, I think. Followed by list and reasons why I was not satisfied. Eaglesoft - Cessna Citation X (and any other) - alerting on issues when using Windows 8. Wilco/FeelThere - Embraer Phenom 100 - Really don't like addons by this developer, VCs are designed very poorly (textures are very strange as well), and working just from a half. Wilco/FeelThere - Embraer Legacy 600 - The same as above. Wilco/FeelThere - Regional Jets - The same as above. Also don't like Embraer 135/145, 175/195 are too large. Carenado - Embraer Phenom 100 - Have to admit, the design of the aircraft and virtual cockpit is simply awesome, but... No airac? They must be kidding us. Also I read somewhere that fuel burning is really quick in compare with real aircraft. But that's nothing compared to the absence of AIRAC updates. Flight 1 - Cessna Citation Mustang - That's also very nice processed, but there're issues with the map on MFD. I'm also not sure if all aircrafts works as should. Well, now tell me.. Is there any other choice, what I could focus at? I would like to fly small to mid-size business jet (something like Phenom 100 to Embraer Legacy) - CRJs and Embraer 175/195 or LineAge are too large. Another Embraer Phenom series, Embraer Legacy series, Bombardier LearJet/Challenger/Global series or Cessna Citation series? Thanks in advance for your help! Kind regards, Kuba
  8. Guys, how does it look with price for 777-300ER extension?? ) After NGX, I'm excited about this again! Hope NGX will include MCC as well as 777-200LR (and 777-300ER) will do! Guys, you're really awesome!
  9. zito

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    My B777 is currently finishing for her's first delivery flight from US to Europe (to Prague in Czech Republic). Probably will be in Boeing livery so far. Reading FCTM and so on ^_^.