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  1. KiranKLM

    That's a real nice one

    trippy :lol: awesome pix
  2. KiranKLM

    FTX Global vs GEX for performance?

    FTXG is better on textures and fps.
  3. KiranKLM

    Top fsx addon airports

    MMMX is amazing, another payware with FSDT Quality Textures and great FPS. My 2 best looking paywares this year are LHBP and MMMX. MMMX also adds city textures around the airport. FSDT doesn't.
  4. nice, thanks for the news
  5. KiranKLM

    Top fsx addon airports

    your pc specs are great, it should run at over 20-30fps. You need to tweak your fsx.cfg and use Nvidia Inspector.
  6. KiranKLM

    Top fsx addon airports

    LHBP is the best Payware this year. I thought the videos and pics looked awesome but when I flew there myself in FSX, my jaw hit the's amazing and has the best FPS friendly HD AWESOME TEXTURES I have ever seen.
  7. KiranKLM

    Top fsx addon airports LHS - BUDAPEST LHBP
  8. KiranKLM


    could be an ATI Driver issue or settings with your pc.
  9. KiranKLM

    fps........what, again?

    :lol: Frank Burns eats worms i'm very lucky with my PC setup and my fsx runs and looks like Tony Grant's videos on youtube. My fps never drop below 20.
  10. KiranKLM

    Who is coming to the party!

    me too, the new update on this bird is awesome....I fly it more than the NGX. :ph34r: the price was around $29.95 at release for previous fs9/fsx owners but now it's $80 :blink: it's all worth it, the plane is amazing: textures, sound, flight model, systems, etc.
  11. KiranKLM

    Who is coming to the party!

    "joystick"............... :lol: :LMAO:
  12. saw the video earlier on facebook, awesome plane.
  13. I love my T7 and the Performance i'm getting on my PC. I just flew into KJFK (FSDT V2, Drzewiecki Design New York X, FTXG, OpusFSX, Autogen Normal, Scenery Complexity Very Extreme, Car Traffic 20, AI Traffic 25%, LOD 4.5, Visibility 80) with fps above 20 and under 30 all the way to the gates. I must be alittle lucky compared to others who have OOM and lower fps.
  14. doesn't the AXE already come with a FlightOfficer built-in who does all the work while the pilot takes a nap :lol: what does the FS2Crew version offer? I don't understand the difference.
  15. KiranKLM

    Unbinding keys in FSX

    ok thank you and have a great weekend