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  1. Chriz2

    Pilot Edge With P3Dv2

    works fine, installed with Migration Tool.
  2. its available in the AVSim Library:
  3. Chriz2

    Ground Comms

    exactly, i see the HDG Bug Moving, but i dont know where the PNF stops. It can be to late to react.
  4. Chriz2

    Ground Comms

    That will help a lot. I dont like the green bar.
  5. Chriz2

    FS2Crew Voice+Button with FSDT GSX

    please confirm it will also work with the Majestics Q400? Because Majestic disables the default FSX pushback system
  6. Chriz2

    Part 3 - Sound issue *fixed*

    Its still the old out of sync Version for me. :-(
  7. Chriz2

    Cant watch the videos

    thank you for the quick response, i will try. EDIT: Now It worked, thanks for the great work.
  8. I preordered the Videos, but i can only see Watch Trailer. Do I have to buy it again? Or does my preorder worked? I only have an Vimeo E-Mail for the Preorder, but i dont know if the money was sent.
  9. Chriz2

    ECZA in P3D working?

    working fine here, installed with EMT and update 1.17. no problems at all.
  10. Chriz2

    Where when how?

    cant wait, hope that it is available today. Vimeo encode faster! :-)
  11. Chriz2

    Lost motivation to fly

    Wait for Oculus Rift Consumer Version and then come back to Flight Simulations. Belive me i am flying Prepar3D 1.4 with Oculus Rift and its a whole new experince. Your are sitting IN the Airplane, its so natural. The 3D is like in real life. You can messure distance to runway on final precisly. This piece of Hardware will change alot in the Flight Sim Community.