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  1. ^^^^ Thanks for your purchase and your support. I'm glad to know that you are enjoying the new cockpit!
  2. Thanks Nuno. Although we ran into some limitations with the overhead panel, we still plan to continue making improvements in other areas of the cockpit through a future update.
  3. Hello, This is Zinertek, the developer of this add-on. We are aware of the darkness issue in the overhead panel. Indeed, If you are starting with a cold and dark cockpit then the overhead panel will look very dark as shown in some of the screenshots in this thread. However, once the the aircraft systems are up and running you should see the overhead panel look like this during the day: And it should look like this at night: The actual texture of the overhead panel cannot be modified unlike the rest of the cockpit. The texture of the overhead panel is hard-coded into the aircraft along with the gauges. Therefore, the only way for us modify the overhead panel was through a transparent texture. The only thing we could do with this transparent texture, was darken the background in order to make the overhead panel match the color of the rest of our cockpit as shown in the first picture above. Unfortunately, when we darkened the texture, this also made the overhead panel look extremely dark during the day and night when all aircraft systems are off. We could completely fix the darkness issue in the overhead panel by brightening the transparent overhead texture once again but this would also mean that the panel will look a lot brighter than the rest of the cockpit when the systems are on: In other words, we can fix the overhead panel's darkness mentioned in this thread but it will come at a cost as shown above. We wish we could have done more but we are dealing with an old bird here and the overhead panel was one of the limitations that we ran into. Best Regards, Maurice Roenick Zinertek Support