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  1. Airport elevation problems....

    This is the simplest thing I found so far. Thank you so much for adding a response to an old thread. It works nearly all the time. Unfortunately KSEA is still underground, but nearly all other airports that I tagged for myself as underground are now fixed. KSEA is nearly useless to me anyhow as FPS in the Seattle greater area is so bad that you really have to be at least 25 miles out of seattle before FPS is normal again. Thanks again!
  2. opusfsi + rex weather architect

    Awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  3. opusfsi + rex weather architect

    Yes. I realize that. That's the point though - what I would like to do is use OpusFSI cameras etc. but instead of using live weather I want to sometimes use Weather Architect with custom weather. If I use it by itself and don't have OpusFSI running, then I get the custom weather but lose the cameras, the TrackIR, and the effects. So the question is: is there a way to use both together? BTW: the OPpusFSI team says no. But maybe someone figures out a way to do it anyway...
  4. Hi! I use OpusFSI for real weather as well as the cameras. That works for me quite well. However, I am interested in flying some times with completely custom weather. So REX Weather Architect looks very attractive for this. But, if I decise to get it, I would like to get the weather from REX Weather Architect, while using the cameras and TrackIR integration from OpusFSI. So my question is: can the weather functionality of OpusFSI be temporarily deactivated such that I can use another weather engine without losing the rest of the OpusFSI functionality? Looked in several places and could not find a discussion on this subject. Ideas?