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  1. seems to be down on govt website https://aviationweather.gov/impactboard/?id=CYYZ
  2. I am having the same issue at CYYZ. Lots of traffic showing on RT taxiing to the runway yet nothing being ejected into the sim. Static aircraft showing at the gates but nothing moving at the airport ground level. This all started with 4.0 Don
  3. How are they gonna simulate tornados in 2024 version if they cant get proper clouds and thunderstorms depicted correctly in the sim? Just asking Don
  4. I have noticed the same thing over the past 2 weeks. The poor quality of data in the USA and Canada results in planes taking off on taxiways, no longer spawning at the gates but rather on the taxiways and also taxiing sideways as well at times taking off the same way.. Something has definately changed in the past 2 weeks. I hope RT can correct this. Thanks for PSXT ive been using it with RT since it came out. Don
  5. Hi I was having the same problem today for the first time. updated now to 34.4.1 and all seems to be working fine for now so far ok just 20 mins in. I will let you know.
  6. Hi all since the last update I have been noticing while travelling west at over 30000 ft that I am getting a long 6 second pause in the sim.I I have notice this occurring in an area south of kslc. near waypoints PROMT and between GGAAP and MNCIN. I also noticed that when this occurs my gpu goes to zero and my data download also stops for the same time frame. The sim immediately after the pause goes back to normal. Could this be as a result of MSFS switching a server connection for the data download at this location? Just seems weird that this happens at the same location area. Anyone else seeing this. I wonder if its an addon? Thanks Don
  7. wow that was quick it just changed to 738 thanks Don
  8. I tried to find a link to RT on their website to report this however yours was the only one I could find on the site Don
  9. Yes on the RT radar screen it shows that flight as a c182 as a result msfs displays the plane as a 182 instead of a boeing 738
  10. Hi Today I am tracking flight swg420 it shows on flightaware as a b738 which is correct, however on Real traffic it is showing as a c182. Can you fix this? Thanks Don
  11. Where do I find the new sharpening option your talking about Thanks Don
  12. Wow Stona I sure hope that they have solved this issue. Considering the price of these units the consumer should not have to deal with these type of issues occurring over and over again. On a side note I finally got an answer to my email and after sending them pictures of the broken wires Im now waiting for them to send me a shipping label. Don
  13. sd-flyer thats exactly my problem buttons 10 and 11 dont register with msfs when I move them. Its not a case of any conflict as I never used them before as until the pmdg 737-600 came out I flew only the flw 320 which doesnt use these buttons. There is a video on you tube fixing the broken wires for these exact 2 buttons on a bravo unit as apparently it is a common problem. Since my unit is still under warranty I am very discouraged with the response I have been getting or not getting from Honeycomb. I guess this is a buyer beware moment. If you not having this issue in time you will. Here is the link to the video
  14. Anyone else experience the reverse buttons on the bravo throttles not working for the pmdg 737? They work fine on throttles 1 and 4 but 2 and 3 which I use all the time with the airbus do not register. I have heard that the cause is broken wires and I have sent 2 emails direct to honeycomb about this as I purchased my unit direct from them in Jan 2021. Its been 2 weeks now and I still haven't received a response to my emails. Anyone else having a problem with honeycomb not responding to emails? Thanks Don
  15. Drumcode try this fix it worked for me with the stutter issues and fps brought on by SU9 https://ibb.co/gyP8YbB
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