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  1. If your thinking of water cooling take a look at this case. I have one and love it. Phanteks Enthoo PH-ES8113
  2. Hi Richard I had that same speed problem. What I did was change the power scaler to 1.3 and als uped the prop thrust to 1.1. now she is perfect.
  3. jemer39

    Can't search the forums

    Hi why is it that searching the forums no longer works? This has been going on for far to long.
  4. Hi. I did the same thing with a fresh setup of win 10. If you email mark he will send you a new key file
  5. Hi I get the exact same thing as scoob when I try to do a search
  6. After doing a clean install of win 10 I can't search the forums even when signed in?
  7. jemer39

    All aircraft in P3D v3 pulling to one side

    Hi guys I found the problem with the unreal turning effects during takeoff or landing. Go into your realism settings and change the gyro setting all the way to the left. Enjoy.
  8. I use this trim wheel with the Cessna yoke and rudder pedals. it works fine on all planes when adjusted correctly. the cable plugs into the yoke right next to it so I never unwrapped it but probably 5 or 6 feet.