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  1. This is what I've been doing with your plane 2017-04-22_09-49-02 by armando.semana, on Flickr 2017-04-22_09-54-33 by armando.semana, on Flickr
  2. this Tundra is great I'm having a lot of fun Thks
  3. Hi, In planes that are not horizontal on the ground, like C-47, how can I align the external views with the horizon when moving arround? Thanks AS
  4. sqbltz

    AI Views

    Hi, thank's for the nice piece of sw, I'm just loving it I would like to add my 2c. Sometimes I like to use my simulator almost as an aquarium :wink: and just enjoy my ai traffic (hard work to build it). I'm using a xbox controller and in the ai views only pan axis works. Not using the TIR workaround because for some reason freepie just dies as soon as I run the script. So I'm using TIR in the views inside the aircraft and i disable it and use ChasePlane for the others It would be nice to use all the chaseplane features, and TIR in the future, on the AI views I hope I was clear enough Thanks AS
  5. Anyone knows if it's possible to inject real world flight info into the simulator Info like what you have in flightradar24
  6. sqbltz

    Does anyone do alternative sims to flying?

    I like the old WindsurfingMMX. Even during long flight sessions on a side computer
  7. sqbltz

    AEC Tool Error

    Any news on this?
  8. Hi, Can I suggest to bright a bit the two overhead knobs Regards
  9. Hi, Still about the landing gear, I've been having a problem with it: Whenever I retract or extend it, the simulator almost stops. everything else seems to be ok Thkx
  10. sqbltz

    P3D v3.2 vs. v3.3 - visible improvements

    I use 3 monitors in a surround setup 5960x1080 plus one 2560x1080. The plus one sometimes reside on the bottom (T arrangement), sometimes on top (inverted T). I like to configure the VC to be visible on both two displays (surround plus the other one) and use TrackIR To do this I used to configure a different camera in VC fo each display and then link both views. But this linking views had some problems: synchronizing is tricky, the horizontal pan sync doesn't work and also fps loss. With this new method I can setup only one view with all the displays resolving almost all of the sync problems. There is some gain in fps and above all fluidity on the movement of both displays in sync. That sensation of one of the displays being dragged by the other one is almost gone. Still trying to figure out a way of dealing with zoom and applying the old camera effects. Mostly the "WideviewDistortion" for the surround display. I have both OpusFSI and EZDok but not using any at the time. Still have the feeling that is better to do it with the sim mechanism although I'm not able to reproduce the head movements that any of those provide. Happy flights
  11. sqbltz

    P3D v3.2 vs. v3.3 - visible improvements

    I really like the new "View Group Management" thing. I can now do things I've been trying to do for a long time with multimonitors.
  12. sqbltz

    New Lockheed Video

    "Say it again" :wink:
  13. Hi Does anybody knows how to configure the landing gear lock either with simconnect or fsuipc. I mean the small lock for the LG, not the LG itself Some times it does work in the VC so I would like to configure a key or a button for it. But I cannot find it and I really dont know how to work with lvars Thkx
  14. sqbltz

    2nd keyboard

    Hi Scot, thanks for your quick reply. The idea would be to present a 2nd kb as an HID device to LINDA Does it make sense?... Armando
  15. sqbltz

    2nd keyboard

    Hi, Would it be possible to use a 2nd keyboard as another panel Thanks Armando