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  1. Sorry for being so late, I've fixed the problem now it was because I was set for using the ngx vspeed ect callouts which overrides the fs2crew mode the window said initial climb however didn't actually take out the takeoff role ect because I didn't respond to fs2crew prompts meaning I was always one step behind meaning it wasn't in the correct mode to listen to my mcp altering commands. thanks for all your help and have a happy new year Kind regards Calzie99
  2. I believe that my hardware is acceptable as i have just installed fs2crew for the aerosoft airbus X extended and the commands work fine on that version of the platform. Im sorry (I said i wasn't very good at understanding terminology) what do you mean by mode?
  3. yes, all the commands are correct and they display in the green bar but just don't do anything. I'm morally in the initial climb when I begin trying the commands.
  4. Hi All! I usually don't understand the basic terminology of forums so i'll try and keep it simple. I recently bought the FS2Crew version 2.3 for my PMDG 737 600-900 NGX and everything about it is great apart from a tiny problem I have with setting my MCP using voice commands eg"set heading two four eight" or "set altitude two thousand". If you have any ideas on the fix for this problem I would be extremely appreciative. Regards Calzie99