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  1. Textures looks good. Agree. Do you have slow „winter wonderand” precipitation when you seat on the ramp? FSFX official reply says their product does not modify the speed of precipitation.
  2. I have PreciptX and it does not modify speed of snow precipitation. There are some great addons that stop me from moving to 64bit. One of them is Project Tupolev Tu154B2 another is AN-24 portover from Xplane.
  3. JvE, i am using P3Dv3.4. If the only way to achive this effect realistic is to move to v4 i guess i have No choice...
  4. Unfortunatelly none of these slow the precipitation. So the snow falls down with a speed of heavy rain or hail...
  5. Hi, i installed the package, all effects applied but the snow falls with default speed, i.e. very fast. i am running P3D v3.4. Please advise how to solve the problem. Kind regards, Kris
  6. Hi, anyone can post an instruction showing how to replace the default GNS430 with Reality XP GNS430 v2? kind regards, Kris
  7. Hi, Looking for an advice. The aircraft i fly needs too little power on cruise. For example i use 90% N1 on 430k GW to keep .82 Mach while i should have around 101% to keep that speed at this weight. could this be adjusted in cfg file or is it only possible by modifying Air file? kind regards, Kris
  8. You can restore your updated W10 to previous W10 version if 10 days has not passed since the update. This tool is available via Window Update section in the Control Panel.
  9. Maybe thats the reason why i recently bought TFDI 717 instead of AS CRJ :) However I am still thinking of CRJ in some near future :)
  10. I am using P3D v3. Please lets not turn this thread into EZCA P3D v4 compatibility discussion...
  11. Nothing in the Event Viewer... EZCA version I am wondering if that could be VAS although I do not hear the FSUIPC's aurial notification. The ORBX KSAN area with FTX Global and Vector is for sure VAS hungry. Mayve lack of memory resources turns off EZCA and then the sim chrashes?
  12. I will check the EZCA version when am back home later afternoon and let you know. But does it end with a CTD in your case?
  13. Hi, i had two strange CTDs. Both on approach to ORBX KSAN from the east. Firstly my EZCA v2 camera freeze. It freezes on a particular view i am at in the moment of freeze. Cannot change the camera and connot use pan view on the frozen camera. Then, few minutes later there is a CTD. i also havent found any error log for this event in the system event viewer. Anyone have idea what might be wrong? I am running Windows 10. Kind regards, Kris
  14. Hi, Can someone advise what are the typical or actual training flights performer by USAF on KC-10s pilots (I am not interested in refueling activities, just routes, maneuvers, airports used for trainings, eventually some cross-border missions)? Obviously I am talking about both Travis AFB and McGuire. Thanks in advance, Kris
  15. I think you must have Global to fully benefit from Regions. Vector is a nice to have similarly to LCs.
  16. I hope i can use it with PMDG Dc-6 and AH C46 and upcoming FR C54! :)
  17. I used to have this issue with FSUIPC autosave. it does not appear if i save via P3D menu. I also save NGX panel state at the same time which i load after i load the flight save - not sure if its needed but i do it just in case :)
  18. For 1920:1080 a 0.6 zoom for Wide View Aspect = False will be more or less equal to 1.0 with WVA=True.
  19. There is a universal setup (from human eye vs monitor perspective) and it depends on monitor ratii and view aspect of sim. I use 1.0 at all my planes including PMDG. Yes it often creates a very close view on the panel. But it is how a pilot see when looking forward from his seat. All these view zooms that makes you see entire window and center panel and part of side window's frame are in fact rather jump seat views. in the past i used 0,7 and i liked it. It took me a while to get used to 1.0. Now i use it all around and it gets so new experiance in terms of observation of the environment.
  20. 1.0 for 1920x1080 screen with WideView aspect enabled. This is the only natural proportion for such screen. There is a calculation model that allows for proper calculation for every screen.
  21. Thanks, you may acually be right. I put both packs on as i thought i started both engines. When realized i did not i left packs on while trying to restart No 1. Thanks! Kris
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