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  1. Thats not true. Feelthere 737 Evo gets full STAR into FMS via deflault Prepar3D flightplan generated by PFPX. Thats why i wrote it may be Addon dependent.
  2. PFPX includes SID/STARs while exporting but it may vary by Addon. However you can export plan without it. Simply, after building the route, delete the SID ID in front of the route and STAR ID at the end of the route. Then click BUILD ROUTE again, save and export. This will rebuild your route without SID/STARs.
  3. I would wait for Kaby Lake 7700k and Z270 motherboard. Thats what i decided recently when i was thinking of upgrading my current 4770k/z87 setup.
  4. The dawn/ dusk ones are great! The first three look like screens from Ica Age movie in my perception.
  5. More or Less In chronological order: ATARI: F15 Strike Eagle Jumbo Jet pilot Gunship Simulator River Raid (joking PC: Dogfight 1942 Pacific Air War Jane's Navy Fighters F14 Tomcat Falcon Hind Commanch FS 5 FS98 FS2000 Lock On Lock On Flaming Cliffs FS2002 FS9 FSX P3D This is what i can recall instantly.
  6. Works fine. I have ASN now on LPs 5 & 7. Thanks! Is the effectivness of AM 85 better over 116 only if there are no addons running on Core zero at all? What i mean is if i set P3D for 85, ASN for 160 (hex A0) but leave EZCA as it is, will the 85 effectivness be compromised and 116 should be used instead?
  7. Ok, will try it soon. Should all the other .exe apps run F8 (248) AM if i set P3D for AM=85?
  8. Steve, Checked with notepad. LPs 2 and 3 visible ticked in Task Manager. What next?
  9. Steve, i made a bat file for ASN as per your instruction on page 21. It starts ASN but in task manager i can see still 8 threads are ticked. What may i possibly doing wrong? ASN.bat refers to ASN.exe and both are in same folder.
  10. I think the point was that lack of save flight funcionality in FSPax is a serious shortage considering VAS problems in FSX/P3D. If you are in the middle of FSPax flight and get OOM you will be unable to continue FSPax flight after reload.
  11. The trully forgotten aircraft in simworld is DC10 :(
  12. Why wouldnt they offer something they produced? They also offer 737-200 althogh MilViz offeres one too. Is this anyhow strange for you? There are many similar addons in FS world (aircrafts, airports, weather engines, and more) offered by different developers. Should any of then withdraw their products just because other company produced higher quality/ greater funcionalities one? Competition is good. Target customers differ. Prices are various. To be honest i am supprised by the question in subject.
  13. Reading Qualitywings Q3 update its now obvious their 737 300/400/500 wont come this year and not sure if in 2017... Seeking for temporary substitute i found that Wilco is marketing their 737 Evo as Supper Guppy 737 now (not sure why this is how they Call it). They say its P3D ready. There is a link on their website directing to compatybility matrix where it says 737 Evo is P3D 1.4 only and not for v2 nor v3. But the table refers to Evo not the Super Guppy. Has anybody purchesed its most recent variant and tested it under P3D v3? Info would be highly appreciated. Regards, Kris
  14. Great awswer Martin. Comprehensive and exceeding my expctations. Thank you. One more thing Martin, All: is the Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha best choice in this price zone? From funcionalities and OC capabilities perspective? Thanks! Kris
  15. Hi, Anyone can suggest best paste/glue for CPU connection? New build will be i7 6700k with ASUS ROG Hero Alpha and Noctua NH-D15s. System will be overclocked in some future. Thanks in advance! Kris
  16. Well, i moved to P3D back In April. Since then i have never (NEVER) turned FSX on. Even though at the beggening i didint have to much addons working for P3D (but i had my AS Airbus X working on new platform). My FSX Acceleration + Steve's DX10 Fixer had been extremly stable (like full year with no single CTD). But I made a move as some key developers make separate licensing so i decided that it make more sense investing in the addons for a platform "with future". The visual experiance is incredible even without various graphics enhancers. Moreover, with v3.3.5 i have better performance than with FSX...! Or i can have same performance with more detailed graphics and/ or higher quality settings. The clouds in mountains look as real as it gets... I use my ASN which i used with FSX. Kris
  17. Yes. On P3D v3.2. Havent flown it yet on v3.3.5. Anyway i think installing all 3 legacy simconnect versions is not a problem, isnt it?
  18. Do you have KB2670838 installed? If not, try it.
  19. Thanks Novation. I thought its kind of global enhancement. Best regards, Kris
  20. Novation, what acctually is RevX? Kris
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