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  1. Thanks, awesome mods. Brings a new life to the 350.
  2. I'm not hearing any issues with the sound, and I also have not had the websimconnect issues that Rob is experiencing. You're individual mileage may vary. Just my observations from my install. I'm sure I will find more as I dig further.
  3. I'm not having the ctd issue in v4, but thanks for the heads up on the duplicate entries. As far as a mini review, I've only put about an hour on the hobbs so far, but for what it is, it's fine. It does look good, and the synthetic vision is a neat addition although there is no documentation in regards to the "included subscription" or anything about cost beyond the "subscription". This is not an A2A airplane, and cannot be expected to realistically compare. I'm still digging into the G1000 to see if there are any significant improvements in regards to procedures and such. If you like Carenado products, then this will not disappoint. The sounds are pretty good, the textures are the usual eye candy from Carenado, and the documentation is the usual pdf files included. I see no real hit on frames using a gtx970 and the synthetic vision, although I have not tried complex airports nor extreme topography yet.
  4. Thanks for the kind words and yes I will consider it as time permits. RL has been crazy lately. Thank you to all for the kind words in regards to the FB comment. Their response to me has been absolutely none, nor have I made any attempt to contact them..Perception is reality and I for one did not appreciate the comment, but that's ok, I have broad shoulders. I will continue to do work as taildraggin68 Customs on a certain other devs forum as time permits. @Joe, I feel for your loss, as I have been dealing with that myself and completely understand the time and energy required.
  5. Roland's ASN Radar It's here in the library, and after getting it to work, it makes a nice alternative to RXP, and is priced right.
  6. I, for one, am happy to see the Lear in development. But as development goes, it does take time, and there are things to master. I believe the guys have it in them to make this work, despite the nony crony nay sayers and doubters. The Lear will be complicated. It will present development challenges. But in the end, I think they will get it right. Now where did I put that how to fly a lear jet book?
  7. Hey guys, has the 441 1.6 update been sent to the stores yet? One in particular is very slow to update.
  8. Even though I voted for the lowly Cessna, the Lear or the Cheyenne would be a wonderful addition.
  9. Hey all, for those interested, I have found a sheet in this package needing updating as well as setting the package up for different options like the green tint..stay tuned for an update once I get it wrapped up. For those that have the 441, I will be starting that one as soon as I can get the latest update on that package. Thank you for all of the kind words.
  10. In the original texture folder you saved under a new name or put somewhere safe, will be a texture sheet titled Glass.....copy/paste that into the new texture folder if you still want the other new textures.....if not, just revert back to the old texture folder.
  11. Thank you to those who have replied so far. This project has been fun thus far. I hope these textures help with any fence sitters in deciding to give this plane a try as those who have not purchased yet are missing out on a gem. Who would have thought a complex turboprop would be such a treat to hand fly? To Scott, give this plane a try.....the system depth alone is worth it. It's hard to find an FSX plane that gives you this level of simulation and be easy on the frames. Besides, not many FSX twins can get in and out of TFFJ and provide the speed and altitude of the Moo. B)
  12. The interior is available now, check it out http://forum.avsim.net/topic/468490-alternate-mu-2-interior/
  13. These textures are presented as an alternate to the base interior textures. These textures are an artistic representation of a slightly different interior and feel of the wonderful Flysimware MU-2. These are the first published alternates, and as such may be updated as needed as I dig further into this project. Textures may be obtained here...https://www.dropbox.com/s/tw4u6yuah8v65fm/MU-2%20Alternate%20Interior.zip?dl=0
  14. The interior I am working on will remove most of the tint.....trying to nail down a few last items if possible, then will get it posted for download.
  15. Maybe a 414 or a 421? Pretty please
  16. Still plugging away at the interior textures........This airplane and the Devs are fantastic, don't let textures hold you back, this plane is well worth it.....
  17. There should be a zip file in the fsuipc folder labeled example luas, extract to a folder and copy the dynamic friction lua to the fsx modules folder. Then copy this entry into the fsuipc.ini (configuration settings) [Auto] 1=Lua DynamicFriction Save and run fsx. the stock settings of the example works well for me
  18. The RA Turbine Duke V2 has a P3D installer and Rain effects......The MU has nice rain effects, good job on that FSW Team
  19. Interior design pixel reallocation? Actually just trying to figure out how to repaint, I will get there one day. Wonderful little play toy though B)
  20. She's looking good in my opinion....(Very much WIP)
  21. Any realistic ETA for the stores? Silly network issues so I have to wait for a store to get it live. Edit: Disregard...finally got the right tech for troubleshooting and got the network connection up...now to install this baby
  22. Great Videos Joe....I will pick this up just as soon as it gets to a store. Thanks for the hard work guys, looking forward to it
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