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  1. It´s amazing how much the "FSX male species" is dominated by the female housewife/servant, what the .... happened? If I want a new stupid video card I BUY IT! Is this really serious talk by men???? Come on, be a man, goddamnit!!!
  2. JHolst

    PMDG for real airline pilots

    Sorry bout that Stevefromio, you sounded like ..... - something, LOL! Yep, the fear of death, big, big taboo, uhuhuuuuu... :( I forgot, it´s a simulator, we can do what we want, also use it as a tool to overcome fear of flying, and maybe even fear of death?
  3. JHolst

    PMDG for real airline pilots

    Why don´t you send an email to Capt. Randazzo himself? http://www.precisionmanuals.com/ "Fear of death from flying"? Are you sure this is the right hobby for you? PS: I must admit that I never, ever fly THY again, they ARE the worst, and the RW pilots here on Avsim - if they knew about the stuff going on there - would agree with me.
  4. Loading is instant, and that´s a positive, not all negative about it... @era66: It´s a standalone product, textures only, there will be a weather engine later AFAIK. Then again, like you mention: "It seems that REX Game Studios is unbundling the older REX Essential Overdrive into separate packages of REX4 Texture HD and the upcoming REX Weather HD" That´s exactly my thought too! New and clever business model maybe..?
  5. I just don´t like the color, and it seems there´s no way to change it. Extreme tropical blue, I would call it, reminds me of a drink with a mix of Blue Bols! http://www.bolscocktails.com/bols-liqueur-range-detail.asp?ingredient_id=1 Why not rename the textures to "Tropical Blue Bols", LOL.. :Party:
  6. Nice looking, Mephic, but what about the water, you like the water?
  7. JHolst

    The truth about FTX Global vs GEX World

    Stivy, why not have two FSX installs, one with GEX/UTX and the other with ORBX/FTX Global?
  8. Agree with JasonW, don´t like this totally unrealistic blue, really hurts the eyes. Guess it´s always "2 steps forwards and 1 back" with new things from REX?
  9. Water is too blue IMO, and as always when they release new stuff: 2 steps forward and 1 back! They should make it possible to blend colors. Back to FEX, again, that water and color is OK, and not 10 m. high waves you can see from FL330.
  10. JHolst

    The truth about FTX Global vs GEX World

    Maybe, but the FEX clouds and much more looks better IMO!
  11. JHolst

    FTX Vector worth the price

    Same with the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, from Nonthaburi and up north, nothing. This product was released to fast, endless problems with it, and I don´t like the roads, awful zig-zag over the whole scenery. They need to make a config tool like with UTX, so people can choose what to show, but that´s probably very, very difficult to get, since JV has decided to know what´s best for us all, Amen...