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  1. ^ Yes, thanks for reminding me. Sign me up for that too. Although i have been issued a hold position from time to time (always remember to select the pushback option if pushing back) and it worked quite well. I found that when i am holding short at my local airport, the planes landing have to backtrack so they can exit the runway. The problem is that they take a turn and want to exit exactly where i am holding short instead of taking the next turn which is clear. Most of the time here, i find myself face to face with another plane, but after some time they disappear. The program knows i am there because the AI planes will stop a couple of meters from me but it would have been great if somehow it told the AI planes that the taxiway/holding point is already taken and so they should move on to the next available one. So yeah, improved ground traffic is more than welcome.
  2. Yeah i support that idea. That would probably be the best solution for us and Tegwyn. Because the way i see it, it could get quite frustrating getting flooded with emails from all of us yapping over features. Lol.
  3. Well at least we know the product will be improved. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Looking forward to what he has to say about this.
  5. I would really like the idea of DLC packs like UK Enhancement instead of a new product. I really hopes he improves the VFR component of this great product with new content for other regions as well as the IFR component like adding a direct to option and rejected take-off option.
  6. I had this trouble with a couple of airports myself. Orbx airports, exactly. What i did to fix them was open up ADEX (Airport Design Editor) and basically started to re-do the whole taxiway paths and nodes. It was tedious job but it paid off.
  7. Hello Daedalus, I am not using P3D. But as far as i know it is down to your RAM and GPU when TTS voices come into play. I am also using quite a few with Vox Atc and mostly for the controller voices, but didn't see any significant raise in VAS while using them.
  8. Jumping in and also confirming that this sounds like a problem with the AFCAD. Had this trouble with a couple of airports myself (some ORBX airports to be more precise). I jumped in and fixed them by using ADEX (Airport Design Editor) and basically started to re-do the whole taxiway paths and nodes, a time consuming task but it paid off in the end. You are not the first person i hear that has problems with 3rd party airports when it comes down to AI and ATC programs. I don't know if i am asking too much but, try without the addon airport. See if you get the same results !?
  9. As far as i am aware, there is no way to soft-mute your FO in Vox ATC. The only way to go is to toggle him on or off.
  10. Yes you can download it manually without the manager, on their website there is a category in the FMS Data page where it says Manual Install.
  11. Just to let you know, i ran a circuit at Gloucester (EGBJ). Take off runway was 36 and everything went smooth, no hickup besides an AI turning in a circle one time around the taxiway centerline trying to find the path (not a big deal) but in the end he departed the airport without any other incidents. I did however took a peek on the airport AFCAD made by Orbx with ADE and edited some stuff they put in there i knew Vox would dislike.
  12. Exactly. You got it spot on. The page has suggestions on how to set up everything and honestly it's kinda of a straightforward program, it shouldn't give you any trouble. The current AIRAC is 1014 and all you need for Vox Atc is Level D 767 navdata. Or you could download it manually from the manual install category. But you have to create an account and of course purchase it.
  13. Vox Atc uses AIRAC from Navigraph, specifically Level D 767 navdata. By now i believe you know that you need to add the path of this navdata into the advanced settings.exe tool of Vox Atc. To confirm that Vox Atc picked up the navdata, run the Procedure Pronunciation Editor tool and load an airport with SIDS and STARs, you should see the procedures names there.
  14. Interesting, i use those too i should do a test and see if i can re-create the issue you are experiencing. I also have the Alaska scenery and indeed i had to do some modifications regarding some of the airport AFCAD's to make them useful in Vox Atc, because even though they look visually appealing, apparently they weren't created with AI traffic functionality in mind.
  15. Yes, you should develop a habit of running that indexer every time you modify something related to your aircraft or scenery.
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