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  1. middiu

    Missing 777-300ER from FSX SE

    Thanks guys, I followed the steps in this link and everything is fixed now.
  2. middiu

    Missing 777-300ER from FSX SE

    Hi Guys, I've just uninstalled and reinstalled all my PMDG products (737, 777, 777-300 Expansion), everything went fine for the 737 and 777 but now I'm facing a strange issue with the 777-300: the installation completed without any error message or warning, but neither in FSX:SE aircraft list and in PMDG OC I can see the 773. In the "Programs and Features" window I can see "PMDG 777-300ER Expansion FSX" installed. In OC when I select "PMDG 777 - FSX:SE" in the livery manager I can only see "PMDG 777-200LR" and "PMDG 777F" In FSX:SE I can see the PMDG 777-200LR and the PMDG 777F but not the 300-ER Any suggestion on how to fix it? Cheers Emilio Petrangeli
  3. The activation popup windows will appear the time you select one of the PMDG aircraft from FSX menu
  4. Hi Mark, I was wondering if you could implement an auto lock prevention mechanism in you application, it would be very useful. I hate when I'm focused on the MCP or on the PFD and my iPad locks down :) Thanks mate
  5. Hi Mark, yes you are right, most of us use a tablet. Maybe the vibration is not the best solution but something like a small "click" sound would be good as well. Very often my problem is due to the lag of the network it takes few millisecond between my finger tab and the FMC to refresh, so I tap the same button twice thinking I didn't touch it the first time. A small "click" sound would give the me a feedback and would do the job Am I the only one with this problem? Cheers
  6. Hi Mark, let me start congratulating with you on this very useful utility/application you wrote. I would like to suggest a feature that I think could be very nice to have: Vibration Feedback. Would be nice to have a small vibration feedback every time you press a button, just as an ack, and also a vibration every time a new message/warning is received by the FMC. What do you think about it? Technically it could be done using Apache Cordova and the Vibration plugin. I guess that like me most of the users use an iPad/iPhone or an Android device as FMC https://cordova.apache.org/ https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/reference/cordova-plugin-vibration/ https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-vibration How does it sound? Thanks Emilio
  7. Hi Mark, have a look at PhoneGap or Cordova: https://cordova.apache.org http://phonegap.com and this plugin: https://github.com/zoxxx/PhoneGap-KeepScreenOn-plugin Not sure if this would add to much complexity to your utility but it could also add extra functionality ( for example you could add keyboard vibration or similar ) Take it as suggestion Cheers
  8. Hi Ayarov, thanks for the info. I already have the CDU as App and I'm aware of the option to disable the auto-lock from iOS Settings but I thought that would be useful ( if possibile ) to have it as part of the App Cheers
  9. Hi Mark, I mean preventing the iPad (or iPhone) screen from dimming and auto-locking ( or "going to sleep") Hope this make sense. Cheers
  10. Hi Mark, I have a full license for both 737 and 777 and I find your software fantastic, I have just a simple request: can you do anything to prevent my iPad to lock the screen when the CDU page is open? There should be some sort of js library to do that on iOS browsers.... Thanks mate Emilio
  11. middiu

    Virtual Avionics

    I'm in Oz and I got the same problem... cannot connect since a couple of weeks. No issue in the past. Emilio
  12. Do we need to Uninstall and Re-Install the software? Or can we just re-install the new NGX? Thanks
  13. middiu

    No Map Display - Reset IRS?

    I had this issue a couple of times I haven't been able to work it out.... would be great to have a suggestion from more experienced PMDG captains