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  1. Brownman

    777 P3D, blurry cockpit

    try disabling FXAA. -D.Kumar
  2. Brownman

    Level-D 767 disappeared?

    Check the aircraft.cfg file in the aircraft's folder within sim objects to make sure that the [fltsim.0] and subsequent entries are still there.
  3. Brownman

    Weather radar on ivao

    I am assuming you are already using Active sky next, if not then you need to buy Active Sky Next for it to function properly. If you are using Active Sky Next however make sure that IVAP is not changing your fsx weather. This setting can be changed by opening the ivap_config.exe file in the folder where you installed IVAP. Under the tab Weather (left column) make sure that enable weather engine is unchecked. Should solve your issue and if it does not then update your fsuipc to the latest version. -Kumar
  4. Brownman

    Where am I?

    How about London City Airport then.
  5. Brownman

    Where am I?

    Manchester ?
  6. Brownman

    Routes for European flights

    Its back online with a new layout. Check it out.
  7. Brownman

    Routes for European flights

    Hey, there are two services I can recommend for routes out of the US. Also if you want a realistic dispatcher service, try Simbrief essentially gets its routes from the services mentioned above and more. It also helps you with how much fuel you need for the flight, ETOPS planning, weather forecasts and etc. As for charts Will provide you the charts used for most of the airports within the United Kingdom. I am not aware of a website that has up to date charts for countries other than the UK, but I'm sure somebody else here can help you with that.
  8. Brownman

    Where am I?

    Bingo. Now its your turn.
  9. Brownman

    Where am I?

    Guess Where
  10. I would suggest go for the TITAN black. It has 6gb of VRAM which is essential for multi monitor configurations.
  11. Brownman

    Active sky clouds

    Doesn't hurt to try. You can also try going into windowed mode and reducing the size of the window to about half the fullscreen size to increase the overall framerate while you are going through the cloud.
  12. Brownman

    So.... Anakin's Hoverbike is real now?

    Meh, wake me up when the construct pod racers.
  13. Brownman

    Active sky clouds

    It smooths the edges of the clouds so that they do not appear jagged. Disabling it relieves stress from the GPU and allows the framerate to go up.
  14. Brownman

    Where am I?

    Highland Scenic Highway.
  15. Brownman

    PMDG 777 missing liveries.

    Im going with the assumption that he has that checked. I believe his problem is that the op centre cannot write to the newly edited cfg file. Iceidic you can also try running running the pmdg op centre as admin or check whether the cfg is set to read only.