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  1. Rcflyyer1

    Overland Airbus Edition Wing Views?

    Thanks! I was surprised that the VC models did have a wing view as well! I really don't know why there were all these threads that mentioned a modified spot view was the only way to see the wing. Since these models are so easy on the frames, I don't think it would affect performance much. I did add wing views to the 2D panel by setting various eye points when looking in certain directions and it works great.
  2. Hello everyone. I have been doing lots of research about the Overland Airbus package and still cannot figure out whether wing views are available or not. There's been a lot of conflicting claims that the wing views modeled in the virtual cockpit can only be obtained on the CLS A330 and not Overland's, while others say the Overland VC can be turned off as well. I don't like to use virtual cockpits very much because my computer tends to go down in frames which is why I prefer a wing view with interior sounds over a virtual cockpit. So is it possible to disable the virtual cockpit and get modeled wings in the VC view with the Overland Airbus Package? If so, I will purchase it immediately. For some reason, wing views are extremely important to me and it would be a shame if I had to find out if they were included or not the hard way. Also, are there any differences between these two listings? http://www.fspilotshop.com/overland-japan-airbus-edition-p-973.html http://secure.simmarket.com/overland-fly-into-the-sky-airbus-edition.phtml They both have different prices and file sizes but seem to have the same included airplanes and liveries. Just want to be sure I am purchasing the right product. Thanks, Adam
  3. Rcflyyer1

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Tom, you will be missed! Everything you have done for this community is incredible. I ,and many others, probably wouldn't be simming if it wasn't for AVSIM. My condolences to your family & friends.
  4. Rcflyyer1

    Creating freeware

    Thanks Harald, that is great to hear! Just giving work back to the simmers. I love working on those small airports in the countryside or on an island. Doing smaller airports allows me to put much more detail into every foot of the airport rather than the tens of miles that most international airports require. Thanks for the kind words. I wasn't aware of that at all Joe. I feel much more comfortable putting effort into airfields that I know can be used on both sim platforms. Adam
  5. Rcflyyer1

    Creating freeware

    As a simmer for the past 5 years, I have to say that the amount of freeware addons are incredible. The amount of work that people have done for others is what makes me love this community. I finally decided to give back and want to make freeware scenery of my own. I have made 2-3 airports and though I am not the best, it looks like gold compared to the many default runway-only airports in FS9. The only thing holding me back is the amount of people who will find my scenery useful. FS9 is over 11 years old and though my computer handles it much better, I see that most people have switched to FSX and P3D. If I design scenery for FS9, will people be able to enjoy it or am I too late? I would hate for my work to be useless to many simmers. Any suggestions? Thanks, Adam
  6. Rcflyyer1

    Ultimate Terrain USA FS9 Questions

    Thanks for the suggestions! Downloading the OSM pack right now to get a taste of what high quality scenery add ons will look like! Just to confirm, this is the correct product I should be purchasing right? http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=utusa So many scenery products out there, so I want to make sure I'm getting the right one . Adam
  7. Rcflyyer1

    Ultimate Terrain USA FS9 Questions

    Thanks Luis that clears a lot for me. Do you know if the roads in UT are placed above the ground or if they are textures built into the ground? Most of the screenshots I see of UT are at night so it's a bit hard to tell. Adam
  8. Hi! I just switched from FSX to FS9 and I am LOVING the performance gain so far! I could barely get 10 fps in high density scenery areas in FSX, and in FS9 I am getting over 30 fps. The only thing I miss is the accuracy of the roads in FSX. In FS9 the roads can only be made out when you're above 1000 ft, and I don't believe they are accurate to the real world locations. I saw a program called Ultimate Terrain USA for FS9 advertising that the roads are in their real world locations, but the program doesn't have much publicity and most of the reviews I find are for the FSX versions. Does anyone know if the road accuracy is true and if it's worth the upgrade to UT USA? Also, how was your performance impacted? I am just able to keep above 30 fps in big aiports and anything lower than around 20 fps would be a little bit of a drawback. Any screenshots of UT USA FS9 would be GREATLY appreciated! B) If you need more information, I would be glad to add it! Thanks! Adam System Specs: Model: Satellite L775D Processor: AMD A6-3400M with Radeon HD Graphics 1.40 Ghz (2.3 Ghz Turbo) Installed Memory (RAM): 6.00 GB (5.48 GB usable) System Type: 64-bit Operating System
  9. I converted an ATR72-200 from AI to flyable by adding custom panel and sounds to it. I couldn't find the livery anywhere else so I had to use the AI model I had installed. The problem is, whenever I go over 60 kts, the airplane starts pulsing. The gauges, control surfaces, etc. The aircraft usually cannot rotate since it cannot gain speed after around 70 kts. Is this because this is an AI aircraft? Are the aircraft.cfg files different for AI aircraft? It's odd because before adding the panel and sound, the airplane flew great.. All I had was an empty panel and sound folder for testing. Any help is greatly appreciated!