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  1. Thanks! I was surprised that the VC models did have a wing view as well! I really don't know why there were all these threads that mentioned a modified spot view was the only way to see the wing. Since these models are so easy on the frames, I don't think it would affect performance much. I did add wing views to the 2D panel by setting various eye points when looking in certain directions and it works great.
  2. Hello everyone. I have been doing lots of research about the Overland Airbus package and still cannot figure out whether wing views are available or not. There's been a lot of conflicting claims that the wing views modeled in the virtual cockpit can only be obtained on the CLS A330 and not Overland's, while others say the Overland VC can be turned off as well. I don't like to use virtual cockpits very much because my computer tends to go down in frames which is why I prefer a wing view with interior sounds over a virtual cockpit. So is it possible to disable the virtual cockpit and get modeled wings in the VC view with the Overland Airbus Package? If so, I will purchase it immediately. For some reason, wing views are extremely important to me and it would be a shame if I had to find out if they were included or not the hard way. Also, are there any differences between these two listings? http://www.fspilotshop.com/overland-japan-airbus-edition-p-973.html http://secure.simmarket.com/overland-fly-into-the-sky-airbus-edition.phtml They both have different prices and file sizes but seem to have the same included airplanes and liveries. Just want to be sure I am purchasing the right product. Thanks, Adam
  3. Tom, you will be missed! Everything you have done for this community is incredible. I ,and many others, probably wouldn't be simming if it wasn't for AVSIM. My condolences to your family & friends.
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