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  1. Thanks! You can take small jets here, learjets etc...! Commonly it is GA but some nice jets do stop by!
  2. London Elstree has been released for X-Plane by Pilot Plus. Features: Faithful Replica with HD detailed buildings High Resolution ground imagery of area Custom Night Lighting Animations, POI's & Ground Traffic Volumetric Grass Pre-rendered 'worn' atmosphere Every element of EGTR is in High Definition, so you are sure to feel like you are there! Available on the X-Plane.org Store and Pilot Plus Store! Elstree, famous for Elstree Film Studios, is a small airport which can serve your short haul GA flights or long haul small jet flights. EGTR has been carefully modeled to perfectly match real life, including textures taken from the real aerodrome! At EGTR you can feel the worn atmosphere, with dirt and grime applied throughout and even potholes on the runway! As well as the worn atmosphere Pilot Plus's virtual Elstree has been modelled and textured up to date, this gives you a faithful replica of the real airport. When airborne around the area of Elstree you will feel immersed inside X-Plane, this is because we have hand placed thousands of trees, placing each tree according to it’s real life position. As you fly over Elstree you will spot small farms in amongst the fields outlined with trees. Stephen from X-Plane Reviews has also reviewed London Elstree! http://xplanereviews.com/index.php?/forums/topic/330-scenery-review-egtr-london-elstree-aerodrome-by-pilot-plus/ I hope you like it! Joe.
  3. Name: Bristol Intl Airport EGGD Video Category: XP Scenery Date Added: 27 April 2015 - 02:03 PM Submitter: PilotPlus Short Description: None Provided Post Source: 2 new payware airports: KAUS (Austin, TX) / EGGD (Bristol) View Video
  4. Again Mario you have beat me to the announcement! I have announced it here, with also reference to Tony's Liverpool suggestion included!
  5. Hi, As noted here by Mario, EGGD Bristol Airport is now released on the .org store! Pilot Plus proudly present to you Bristol International Airport, after many months of development Bristol is our most detailed scenery yet! There is something to explore around every corner! Read The Review! Features: High Resolution ground imagery Custom night lighting Optional (free) download to add static aircraft & 3D people available here Animated Ground Marshaller guides you into the gate Ground traffic that brings Bristol to life! Bristol International Airport is located in Lulsgate Bottom, North Somerset. With 6,339,805 passengers passing through Bristol Airport in 2014 it is certainly an airport within the UK that plays a significant part of UK airline transportation. Whether you wish to simulate airline flights of EasyJet, Ryanair or Aer Lingus Pilot Plus have added so much detail to Bristol you will feel immersed within the faithful replica. We have included many animations to capture the essence of Bristol, from moving ground traffic, marshallers to spinning radars you will feel immersed within the virtual environment. You can even look through the glass of the control tower to see radars and computer screens! I am now deciding on the next payware airport to build! Time to get in your suggestions here. 'And Tony, Liverpool is on the list as a suggestion! B) ' Joe Pilot Plus
  6. PilotPlus

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    A PMDG release has been a very, very, very long awaited product for X-Plane! This looks great, I am sure this will also get a few FSX core users trying out X-Plane as well! Great Stuff. After beta, next stop, release!
  7. Great! Finally an update for X-Plane Development!! I am sure everyone in the XP community are very, very, very, very excited for this!
  8. PilotPlus

    Any Sketchup Gurus?

    Hello, I hope I can offer you some tips and tricks when doing sketchup texturing, I will make a list of some good tips I can think of. Make sure you know what textures are going where in the model, this will help you position them accordingly in your net texture file. My main point here is plan ahead, as once you import a texture file into sketchup there is no going back. You can edit your PNG after and change colouring (which will change in x-plane, as xp reads the file) although if you get to the end of texturing and you wish you put in a flag texture, there is no going back unless you wish to re-texture your model. Try to avoid using Objects as ground textures in xp, yes its possible but .pol file are much better to work with and look better as textures can 'tile' when you remove the 'nowrap' text. The only reason I say this is because in your model you seem to have ground, obviously you may have intended to put it there? For sharper resolutions make sure that your most important textures are bigger in the PNG file, a door can be relatively small sized in your PNG texture compared to a concrete wall. If you would like to 'tile' a certain texture within your PNG Texture it is possible. However make sure you know which texture you will want to tile. You may wish to tile a concrete wall texture in sketchup, here is how. When making your texture PNG make sure that, in this example your concrete, covers the whole width of your texture PNG, this way when placed in sketchup you will find that as the concrete texture covers the whole width of the image as sketchup tiles it you won't have to divide up your wall and texture each segment separately. I hope those few tips helped. Your model looks good! Joe.
  9. I've just found this post. What a find, this scenery looks very good! Well done 'uwespeed'!!
  10. I'm glad your looking forward to Palm Springs! We would very much appreciate pictures of KPSP, any more images will only make the scenery greater! Thank you very much 'Strider1'
  11. Thanks for your opinion Mario. I do intend to add Ground Traffic as an update. Most likely V1.2
  12. PilotPlus

    Drzewiecki New York Airports XP

    GodAtum, A review was conducted on xplanereviews.com for KEWR, http://xplanereviews.com/index.php?/topic/245-airport-review-kewr-newark-liberty-international-by-butnaru/ This may help you decide.
  13. I could have announced the release of my Southampton but Mario you beat me to it! Thanks for that. Here it is: It's available in two places. X-Plane.org Store http://store-x-plane-org.3dcartstores.com/EGHI-Southampton-Airport_p_354.html Pilot Plus Store http://www.x-plane.uk.com Enjoy! Be sure to help spread the word! Joe.