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  1. How do you add the user? Did this solve your fps problem?
  2. Hello I would like some help with figuring out which hardware is causing these huge pauses. I do my testing in orbx souther California LA(the most demanding scenery to date). when I'm flying with the f16 the stutters are much worse and more frequent and I already know its because of the speed of the plane which puts more load on the cpu to load the autogen faster etc. in smaller slower planes I do get these stutters but not as frequent as with fast planes. obviously one of my hardware is not keeping up I highly doubt it software related( I have a feeling it might be the power supply that cant remain stable under those heavy loads) cant be my gpu because I check the usage and it doesn't go past 60% I'm locked at 30. I recorded a quick video with my phone if one of you can please go watch it and notice the 1 second freezes that happen then the sim resumes, couple more second and randomly it does it again. and let me know what your thoughts are on what it could be. I have a corsair CX750m, i7 4790k, gtx 970, ram 2400mhz, and p3d installed on 2nd ssd. I also like to say that in other games when I set the frame rate to unlimited , during spikes I get the same freezes, so I'm wondering if its the gpu or psu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09MEyj-FfWg
  3. oscarduran10

    Interesting RAM observations (Performance increased)

    What would be faster 2400 cl10 or 2800 cl12 which one should i get
  4. The bigger the size the less ppi though
  5. oscarduran10

    Interesting RAM observations (Performance increased)

    In locked or unlimited?
  6. oscarduran10

    Interesting RAM observations (Performance increased)

    Cuz im thinking of buying some 2400mhz cl10 ram. Coming from 1600 cl9
  7. oscarduran10

    Commited to a CPU Upgrade because of P3D V4

    Well Im personally getting a 6 core because i have seen what affinity mask can do
  8. oscarduran10

    Overclock no fps increase

    Its not my gpu im locked at 30 not unlimited and i forgot to say all this testing is in orbx socal LAX
  9. So i went in to bios and change the clock from 40 to 45 i checked hwmonitor to see that i was running at 4.5ghz and i was then i went into prepar3d and notice i didnt get a fps increase the only thing that increase was my minimum fps by like 3 or 4 but the average fps still stayed the same. Is my overclock unstable or what is it?
  10. oscarduran10

    Commited to a CPU Upgrade because of P3D V4

    It already utilizes them but it can utilize them more if thats what u mean and with a 6 core u can dedicate 1 core to windows and u still have 5 cores for p3d 👌🏾👌🏾
  11. oscarduran10

    Commited to a CPU Upgrade because of P3D V4

    I think a 6 core at 4.5ghz+ is going to be the sweet spot for this new generation thats starting
  12. oscarduran10

    Interesting RAM observations (Performance increased)

    How many fps did u gain? Are u locked or unlimited?
  13. Open task manager>details>p3d and set affinity mask and untick the core thats 100% and click ok. Then click on affinity mask again and tick it back on. And now it shouldnt be at 100% anymore, the load should spread out between all 4 cores now
  14. oscarduran10

    affinitymask i7 7700k

    Never understood why people us affinitymask on a 4 core. It just causes blurries with cpu intensive airplanes and scenery cuz all 3 cores are maxxed out its just common sense. Aerosoft airbus is a perfect example how affinity mask is bad
  15. oscarduran10

    Interesting RAM observations (Performance increased)

    Can you send me a link to the 2800 ram u got? U fly in orbx regions?