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  1. oscarduran10

    Photoreal Night Project

    hey i tried your sky textures but mine look orange at night at 10pm
  2. oscarduran10

    I7 8700K v 9700K

    i dont have a 9700k yet but pretty sure its better especially for p3d since hyperthread is pointless, thats why thats the one im gonna buy
  3. oscarduran10

    p3d Bloom

  4. oscarduran10

    p3d Bloom

    i finally got my night settings where i want them but i had to turn up bloom for the night cities to look real. the problem is that the higher the bloom setting the more it flickers when i pan around so it takes away from the realisim. is this normal and bloom i just broken in prepar3d or do i need an hdr monitor?so i wont get any flickering
  5. oscarduran10


    is there any way to reduce the bloom or to no have it all inside the cockpits? but keep out side for cities lights and everything else?
  6. i know this has nothing to do with flight sim but i been playing assasins creed and monitoring the cpu usage and if you thought p3d is a cpu hog you should see what assasins creeds looks like its at almost at 100% cpu ALL the time. while fsx is not even like that in heavy areas, just an interesting thought
  7. oscarduran10

    PTA v2.66 now available

    Hey is the v2.65 have the water surface tuning fixed?
  8. oscarduran10

    I7 8700K v 9700K

    yup and smoother since none of the cores will likely reach 100%
  9. oscarduran10

    I7 8700K v 9700K

    thats an image of a 8700k theres only 6 cores on that screenshot. i got a friend with a 9700k and P3D uses all cores on his
  10. oscarduran10

    Anyone managed to get this kind of water in P3D?

    Thats true the shadows and 64 bit its good and all but dam that dx9 water of fsx is ecstasy for my eyes lol the only reason i keep fsx around
  11. oscarduran10

    Water textures

    Man i wish we had fsx dx9 water in p3d. Is ridiculous tht fsx is more realistic than a 64bit 2019 simulator i think we need to pressure lockheed to give us fsx water im tired of flying on this fake water
  12. oscarduran10

    PTA 2.64 now available

    but 2.64 is only for p3d4.5 right? or is backwards compatible with 4.4?
  13. Why dont you just point us to the solution? you do know alot of research results come up when we search for the solution and we have to click on each one of them until we click the right one, if were lucky enough we'll click on the solution on the first try
  14. Well its no wonder your frames are so low at high settings. I mean your running 4k and then 8xssa, when anti aliasing isnt needed at 4k i think the most u need is like 2x unless you play on a big tv, plus theres a few other settings i see there that are really not needed that high for full realism and they're more of a treat rather than necessity. But hey its all up to the individual